Don’t Think in Terms of Resumes as a Coder — Do This Instead!

The world of programming is different than other professions because it’s a practical, hands-on profession. Coders who get results and can showcase practical projects that solve real problems will always win in this marketplace. You don’t need a degree. Say, you just solved one Upwork project after another. You have a lot of good testimonials … Read more

Why You Should Offer Your Services For Free as a New Freelance Developer?

I got this question recently regarding Python freelancing and I immediately thought that’s a brilliant idea. (Seriously.) Why should this be a good idea considering that Python freelancers earn $51 per hour on average? Because you can increase your Python skill level but you don’t have to polish your salesman skills from day one. It’s … Read more

Can You Get A Job Knowing Only Python And No Other Programming Language?

Of course, you can. However, the question misses the point. It’s not about how many programming languages you know. It’s about how much expertise you have in the areas that matter. If you are good at Python, you’ve already proven that you have expertise in the technical programming area. Now, it’s much more about how … Read more

How Does One Become a Freelance Coder?

Becoming a freelance coder is both easy and difficult. It’s easy because everybody can do it within a day or so. And it’s hard because most people fail miserably because they don’t know the right way of approaching this. Maybe you are interested in coding, or maybe you are already very good at coding. But … Read more

How Python Freelancing Helped Me Create a Thriving Coding Business on the Side

I’m a full-time online business owner working in the Python education space. But I started my career by working as a doctoral computer science researcher at the University of Stuttgart, Germany. While I was working there, I started my online business by finishing a few Python freelancing jobs. Creating a side-business helped me greatly in … Read more

What Non-Programming Skills to Learn Online That Will Explode Your Career Options?

Do you work in the software development industry? Big news: programming expertise is an important skill set that will help you accelerate your career. For example, one of the most satisfying and highest-paying jobs are DevOps specialists (read more on my blog article about this excellent job description). But DevOps specialists need to have a high-level of coding expertise—gained … Read more

How to Invest as a Python Programmer?

Investing is the most natural thing in the universe. Trees invest energy into seeds. Parents invest time, money, and sleepless nights into their children. Companies invest in employees. States invest in public school systems. They invest because they expect growth of their investments. The one who invests more and smarter has a huge structural advantage. … Read more