How I Created a Blog Application Using Django – Part 2

Having set up a Django project, defined the models and customized the admin interface in the first part of this series, we will continue designing the blog application by creating the necessary views, URLs and templates. I strongly advised that you first go through the previous series before attempting this part, if you have not … Read more

Freelancer Project – How Pete Learned Apache Hive On the Job

In the vast world of freelancing, sometimes the most rewarding projects are those that force us out of our comfort zones. Pete Melgren, a freelance data science professional specializing in Python, had such an experience. ▶️👇 The project seemed straightforward at first glance: develop a Python script to read Apache Hive tables, including XML fields, … Read more

How I Created a Calculator App using Django

In this tutorial, we will learn the three main frontend development frameworks: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript by building a calculator app. Finally, we wrap it with Django as the backend. This full-stack web development project tutorial is going to be an interesting one. We will learn, among other things: You will benefit greatly from mastering … Read more

How I Built a Screenshot-taking Django Website in 17 Easy Steps

Many of us have mobile phones and laptops that take screenshots. Have you ever wondered how that was made possible? It was a feature added while designing the software component of the device using programming languages. This shouldn’t surprise us. Software developers are working tirelessly to make life easy for us. While such a feature … Read more