TryHackMe Capture The Flag (CTF) Walkthrough – Lookingglass

In this article, I’ll guide you through the TryHackMe CTF (capture the flag 🚩) challenge Looking Glass. There will be spoilers in this write-up and walkthrough video, so stop reading now and click here if you want to try this free hacking challenge first without any hints. This is part of the hacking security series … Read more

[Python Project] Data Conversion Bot with Automated Email Functionality

👾 GitHub Link: As one of my first Python scripts, I coded a data conversion bot with automated email functionality in Python 3. As you go over this tutorial, feel free to watch my explainer video as well: Why This Project? The script helped me save time by letting the computer do the busy … Read more

Ten Easy Steps to Your First Python Flask App

Project Description Story: Assume you work in the IT Department of Right-On Realtors. Your boss asks you to create a simple website the Realtors can query to view current Home Sales. He would like this website created using the Flask framework in Python. In this article, we’ll create a simple website app to query real estate stats … Read more