How to Find the Longest String in a Python Set?

Use Python’s built-in max() function with the key argument to find the longest string in a set. Call max(my_set, key=len) to return the longest string in the set using the built-in len() function to determine the weight of each string—the longest string has maximum length. 👉 Recommended Tutorial: How to Find the Longest String in … Read more

Python TypeError ‘set’ object is not subscriptable

Minimal Error Example Given the following minimal example where you create a set and attempt to access an element of this set using indexing or slicing: If you run this code snippet, Python raises the TypeError: ‘set’ object is not subscriptable: Why Does the Error Occur? The Python TypeError: ‘set’ object is not subscriptable occurs … Read more

How to Fix TypeError: unhashable type: ‘list’

The TypeError: unhashable type: ‘list’ usually occurs when you try to use a list object as a set element or dictionary key and Python internally passes the unhashable list into the hash() function. But as lists are mutable objects, they do not have a fixed hash value. The easiest way to fix this error is … Read more

Python Tuple Comprehension Doesn’t Exist – Use This Instead

Python has list comprehension and dictionary comprehension as a concise way to create a list or a dictionary by modifying an existing iterable. Python also has generator expressions that allow you to create an iterable by modifying and potentially filtering each element in another iterable and passing the result in a function, for instance. Does … Read more

La forma más pitónica de comparar dos listas en Python

Problema: Se dan dos listas l1 y l2. Quieres realizar una de las siguientes acciones: 1. Comparación booleana: comparar las listas por elementos y devolver True si la métrica de comparación devuelve True para todos los pares de elementos y False en caso contrario. 2. Diferencia: encontrar la diferencia entre los elementos de la primera … Read more

Python Return Set From Function

Do you need to create a function that returns a set but you don’t know how? No worries, in sixty seconds, you’ll know! Go! ? A Python function can return any object such as a set. To return a set, first create the set object within the function body, assign it to a variable your_set, … Read more