How to Add Time Onto a Datetime Object in Python

Problem: Given a datetime.datetime object in Python, is there a way to add time to the given datetime object? Related Question on StackOverflow: Discussion: Adding time to a datetime object in Python should lead to a new datetime object with the updated time information. For example, if you add 5 hours to a datetime object … Read more

A Gentle Introduction to Python’s Time Module

Having looked at the Python date and datetime modules in previous articles, today we’ll take a closer look at the time module and understand how to extract, input, and work with times in our coding. First, I’ll recap on computer time and introduce the time object we’ll be using with the functions we introduce later … Read more

How to Handle Timezone Differences in Python

Article Overview: In a previous post, we discussed the datetime module in Python and used it to iterate through a range of dates. Today, let’s learn how to manage timezones in Python using the datetime module and a third-party package called dateutil.  I aim to choose a range of world cities and print the local … Read more

Manipulating Dates and Times in Python

In this article we will cover some basic features of the datetime module in Python. More specifically, we will see how to extract the current date and time and how to implement these features within a script in order to realize time-driven actions. Long Story Short The datetime module in Python allows you to deal … Read more