ChatGPT-4o Understands My Dissertation Better Than I Do 🀯

In this post, you’ll learn about the insane skills of ChatGPT-4o, in particular its MASSIVE MIND-BOGGLING CONTEXT WINDOW that can, with a little help of retrieval augmented generation (RAG), process and understand my dissertation in computer science better than 99.99% of humans. 🀯🀯🀯 Watch my video to see how beautiful ChatGPT-4o solved all my ten … Read more

Organisms Eat (Online Game)

Legend: Player A: Red Player B: Blue Player C: Green Player D: Yellow Food: Orange Navigation: Move Up: ‘u’ Move Down: ‘d’ Move Left: ‘l’ Move Right: ‘r’ ChrisWhile working as a researcher in distributed systems, Dr. Christian Mayer found his love for teaching computer science students. To help students reach higher levels of Python … Read more

Python Object Creation: __new__ vs __init__

Python’s magic methods __new__ and __init__ play complementary roles in the lifecycle of an object: πŸ‘‰ __new__ is a static method, primarily concerned with creating and returning a new instance of a class; it acts before the object is fully instantiated in memory. πŸ‘‰ Following this, __init__ functions as an instance method, tasked with configuring … Read more

Python Create List From 1 to N with Step Size

🎯 Problem Formulation: How to create a list from 1 to n with a specified step in Python? Let’s start with one of the easiest ways: πŸ‘‡ Method 0. Using list() and range() The Python expression list(range(1, n + 1, step)) generates a list of integers starting from 1 up to and including (n), incrementing … Read more

Building Complex Multi-Agent Teams and Setups with LangGraph

πŸ’‘ Info: This course is a complete text tutorial. It’s based on our academy course. If you’re interested in video explainers, check out the course here. Hi and welcome to this course on building complex multi-agent teams and setups using LangGraph, LangChain, and LangSmith. In this course we’ll start from the ground up using LangChain, … Read more

Python Enum Conversion (Ultimate Guide)

πŸ’‘ Enums (short for enumerations) are a powerful feature in Python that allows for organizing a set of symbolic names (members) bound to unique, constant values. Enums are a convenient way to associate names with constants in a clear and explicit way. Before diving into the conversion methods, let’s quickly recap the Python enum module. … Read more

Python Delete File (Ultimate Guide)

Python offers several powerful options to handle file operations, including deleting files. Whether you need to check if a file exists before deleting, use patterns to delete multiple files, or automatically delete files under certain conditions, Python has a tool for you. Let’s delve into various ways you can delete files using Python, ranging from … Read more

Python: Create List from 1 to N

Creating a list containing a range of numbers from 1 to N in Python can be achieved through several methods. Here’s a concise list of alternative solutions: Method 1. List Comprehension with range() This method utilizes list comprehension, a concise way to create lists. The range(1, N+1) generates numbers from 1 to N, and the … Read more

Can I Write a For Loop and If Statement in a Single Line? A Simple Python Tutorial

Python’s elegance and readability often come from its ability to execute powerful operations in a single line of code. One such instance is the combination of for loops and if statements into a list comprehension. Understanding the Basics At its core, a list comprehension offers a succinct way to create lists. The syntax [expression for … Read more