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The one surprising thing that cripples your coding productivity most

Dear Friend, You are doing great. By joining this interactive Python email course, you have proven that you are ambitious to learn. Well done! I offer this course for free because I believe that you and I can work together, via email, to create a new form of swarm intelligence. It’s likely that you are…

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Introduction to Slicing in Python

Slicing is a Python-specific concept for carving out a range of values from sequence types such as lists or strings. It is one of the most popular Python features. To master Python, you must master slicing first. Any non-trivial Python code base relies on slicing. In other words, the time you invest now in mastering…

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10 Reasons Why Solving Code Puzzles Makes You Smarter

A code puzzle is an educative snippet of source code that teaches a single computer science concept by activating the learner’s curiosity and involving them in the learning process.

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29+ Killer Resources on How to Learn Python [Overview Article]

Python is one of the most popular programming language according to a recent Spectrum article. But why should you decide to enter the game as well and invest your scarce time in learning Python? For three reasons: Python developers are among the highest paid across all programming languages: on average you can expect to bring…

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