Commands for Installing WinSound in Linux

The winsound module is specific to the Windows operating system and is used for playing sounds. It’s a part of the standard library in Python for Windows. Unfortunately, you cannot directly install or use winsound on Linux, as it is not compatible with Linux environments. For similar functionality on Linux, you would typically use other … Read more

What’s New in Python 3.12?

In this quick and easy guide, I’ll give you a simplified overview of what’s new in Python 3.12. The official docs only provide a version full of technical clutter and, therefore, are hard to understand. To check your Python version, simply run this in your command line or shell: These are the top 10 new … Read more

What Is LangChain? πŸ¦œοΈπŸ”— Finally, an Easy Explanation

“LangChain” is like a tool for making computer programs that can understand and use language just like we do when we talk or write. Imagine you have a robot friend who can read books, chat with you, and even help you write stories or do homework. πŸ€– Wouldn’t it be great if you couldmake such … Read more

βœ… Solved – Python SyntaxError Unexpected EOF While Parsing

Unexpected EOF means your Python interpreter reached the end of your program before all code is executed. In most cases, this error occurs if you don’t correctly declare or finish a for or while loop. Or you don’t close parentheses or (curly) brackets in a code block or dictionary definition. In other words, some syntactical … Read more

OpenAI JSON Mode & DALLΒ·E 3 Seeds (Examples)

πŸ”— This article originally appeared on the Finxter Academy for premium members (including course lesson video). Check out the video course here. All right, welcome back to part 2, where we’re going to be looking at JSON mode and seeds. βœ… This will allow us to use only a part of function calls. Namely, when … Read more

Python Argparse Module – Command Line Arguments Made Easy

The argparse module in Python is designed for writing user-friendly command-line interfaces. It allows the programmer to define the expected arguments, helping the program to automatically generate help and usage messages and to issue errors when users give the program invalid arguments. For example, a programmer might use argparse to create a script for resizing … Read more

(Fixed) Python SyntaxError Unexpected Token ‘ ‘

A SyntaxError: Unexpected Token ‘ ‘ in Python typically occurs when the Python interpreter encounters a piece of code that has an unexpected space character in a place where Python doesn’t expect it. Python’s “unexpected token ‘ ‘” error typically results from mistakes in your code’s structure or incorrect use of parentheses, braces, or other … Read more

(Fixed) Python TypeError: String Indices Must Be Integers

Problem Formulation In Python, the “TypeError: string indices must be integers” error typically occurs when a string type object is accessed with non-integer indices. This error often arises in situations involving data structures like lists and dictionaries. Understanding the Error & Code Example This error signifies that the code attempts to index a string using … Read more

Yahoo-Fin: Fetching Historical Stock Data with Python’s Yahoo Finance API

This guide provides an easy-to-understand foundation for beginners and intermediate users to leverage the Yahoo Finance API with Python for financial data analysis. Yahoo Finance API offers a wealth of financial data, from stock prices and market trends to currency exchange rates. This guide will introduce you to using the Yahoo Finance API yahoo_fin with … Read more

10 Best Ways to Create a Pandas Series

To create a Pandas Series for different data types, start by importing the Pandas library in Python using import pandas as pd. Then, create a Series object by using pd.Series(data), where data can be a list, array, or dictionary containing elements of various data types like integers, strings, or floats. Finally, you can specify the … Read more