Struggling to Assemble a Diverse Team? Read On

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How to Define a Function with Default Arguments in Python?

Default arguments allow you to define a function with optional arguments in Python. When calling the function, you can set the arguments—but you don’t have to. You set the default argument using the equal symbol = after the argument name and append the default value after that. Default arguments are a great Pythonic way to … Read more

5 Freelance Developer Tricks to Build a Sustainable Business

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7 Sources of Passive Income for Coders

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Python One Line Reverse Shell

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PEP 8: Hanging Indentation and Closing Brackets in Python

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How to Execute Multiple Lines in a Single Line Python From Command-Line?

Summary: To make a Python one-liner out of any multi-line Python script, replace the new lines with a new line character ‘\n’ and pass the result into the exec(…) function. You can run this script from the outside (command line, shell, terminal) by using the command python -c “exec(…)”. Problem: Given a multi-line code script … Read more