Python Dictionary clear()

In this blog post, you’ll learn about the Python Dictionary clear() method. But, before I cover the clear() method I would like to give a brief definition of what a Python Dictionary is. Definition: A Python dictionary data structure is a collection of key-value pairs that are unordered, and are accessed by a key instead … Read more

Solidity Error Handling with assert(), require(), revert() – A Guide for Python Coders

In Solidity, you can use the require, revert, and assert functions to check error conditions and handle exceptions, but they look similar at first glance, and you might get confused about how to use them. This article will explain their differences, specifically to Python developers. We use a simple smart contract below, taken from the … Read more

Python Get Values from a Nested Dictionary

A Python nested dictionary is a dictionary with another dictionary or dictionaries nested within (dictionary of dictionaries or collection of collections). Nested dictionaries are one way to represent structured data (similar to a database table(s) relationship). An analogy for this concept is the Russian Nesting Dolls.   Our article focuses on various ways to retrieve … Read more