[Summary] Independent Work: Choice, Necessity, and the Gig Economy

McKinsey Authors: James Manyika | San FranciscoSusan Lund | WashingtonJacques Bughin | BrusselsKelsey Robinson | San FranciscoJan Mischke | ZurichDeepa Mahajan | San Francisco Anyone who has ever felt trapped in a cubicle, annoyed by a micromanaging boss, or fed up with office politics has probably dreamed of leaving it all behind and going it … Read more

Upwork vs Fiverr: What Every Developer Ought to Know

The landscape of work undergoes a major disruption. More and more work is delivered online. And who are the biggest winners? The stakeholders of the top freelancing platforms: Upwork and Fiverr: Stockholder who own Upwork and Fiverr, Employees working for Upwork and Fiverr, Freelancers offering their services on Upwork and Fiverr, and Business owners who … Read more

This 5-Step Free Python Learning Path Will Unlock Your Coding Superpower [Absolute Beginners]

In this article, I’ll show you five free resources you can study to reach an intermediate Python level being an absolute beginner. Studying all the resources will take 20-40 hours. But after you’ve completed these steps, you’ll have created yourself a new high-income skill Python development. So, let’s get started! Step 1: Complete Python Crash … Read more

HTML Parsing using Python and LXML

In this article, you’ll learn the basics of parsing an HTML document using Python and the LXML library. Introduction Data is the most important ingredient in programming. It comes in all shapes and forms. Sometimes it is placed inside documents such as CSV or JSON, but sometimes it is stored on the internet or in … Read more

Python One Line If Without Else

Crafting beautiful Python one-liners is as much an art as it is a science. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to compress an if statement without an else branch into a single line of Python code. Problem: What’s the one-liner equivalent of the simple if statement without an else branch? Here’s an example: You may … Read more

NumPy polymulx()

The numpy.polymulx function multiplies the polynomial c with a value x which is the independent variable. Arguments Type Description c array_like or poly1d object The input polynomials to be multiplied The following table shows the return value of the function: Type Description Return Value ndarray or poly1d object The polynomial resulting from the multiplication of … Read more


The numpy.polymul function finds the product (multiplication) of two polynomials a1 and a2. As an input, use either poly1d objects or one-dimensional sequences of polynomial coefficients. If you use the latter, arange this polynomial sequence naturally from highest to lowest degree. Arguments Type Description a1, a2 array_like or poly1d object The input polynomials to be … Read more

The 6 Best Python Easter Eggs

This article compiles a list of little surprises in the Python programming language. Check out the following Instagram post to see them in an interactive mode (swipe right). View this post on Instagram A post shared by The Python Blog (@finxter.com_) on Nov 11, 2019 at 10:35pm PST Here are the best easter eggs: The … Read more