Python dir() — A Simple Guide with Video

If used without argument, Python’s built-in dir() function returns the function and variable names defined in the local scope—the namespace of your current module. If used with an object argument, dir(object) returns a list of attribute and method names defined in the object’s scope. Thus, dir() returns all names in a given scope. Usage Learn … Read more

Python dict() — A Simple Guide with Video

Python’s built-in dict() function creates and returns a new dictionary object from the comma-separated argument list of key = value mappings. For example, dict(name = ‘Alice’, age = 22, profession = ‘programmer’) creates a dictionary with three mappings: {‘name’: ‘Alice’, ‘age’: 22, ‘profession’: ‘programmer’}. A dictionary is an unordered and mutable data structure, so it … Read more

Python Join Arguments and String Concatenation

Problem: Write a function that joins an arbitrary number of string arguments with a given separator. Example: Given the string arguments “A”, “B”, and “C” and the string separator “-“. Join them to the concatenated string “A-B-C”. Solution: The following code creates a Python function concat() that takes an arbitrary number of arguments, packs them … Read more

Python getattr()

Python’s built-in getattr(object, string) function returns the value of the object‘s attribute with name string. If this doesn’t exist, it returns the value provided as an optional third default argument. If that doesn’t exist either, it raises an AttributeError. An example is getattr(porsche, ‘speed’) which is equivalent to porsche.speed. Usage Learn by example! Here’s an … Read more

Creating Beautiful Heatmaps with Seaborn

Heatmaps are a specific type of plot which exploits the combination of color schemes and numerical values for representing complex and articulated datasets. They are largely used in data science application that involves large numbers, like biology, economics and medicine. In this video we will see how to create a heatmap for representing the total … Read more