How to Extract Numbers from a String

Problem Formulation and Solution Overview In this article, you’ll learn how to extract numbers from a string in Python. To make it more fun, we have the following running scenario: This article references an Albanian proverb written by Driton Selmani in 2012. We will leave the interpretation up to you. 💬 Question: How would we … Read more

How to Suppress Scientific Notation in Python

Summary: Use the string literal syntax f”{}” to suppress the scientific notation of a number to its floating-point representation. Problem Formulation: How will you suppress a number represented in scientific notation by default to a floating-point value? Note: Generally, Python represents huge floating-point numbers or very small floating-point numbers in their scientific form. Scientific notation … Read more

Python Regex – ¿Cómo contar el número de coincidencias?

Para contar un patrón de expresión regular varias veces en una cadena dada, usa el método len(re.findall(pattern, string)) que devuelve el número de subcadenas coincidentes o len([*re.finditer(pattern, text)]) que desempaqueta todas las subcadenas coincidentes en una lista y también devuelve la longitud de la misma. Hace unas horas, escribí una expresión regular en Python que … Read more

Replace Last Substring Occurrence in Python String

Problem Formulation Given a string, a substring, and a replacement string in Python. String s Substring sub Replacement string repl How to find and replace the last occurrence of sub with the replacement repl in the Python string s? Let’s have a look at a couple of examples to thoroughly understand the problem: Example 1: … Read more