[FANG KILLER ICP] Will the Internet Computer Disrupt Big Tech?

What is the Internet Computer? The Internet Computer is blockchain technology and computing infrastructure initiated by the non-profit organization DFinity. Like the public Internet, the Internet Computer is a distributed computing platform consisting of thousands of connected and decentralized servers that host backend software. This idea mitigates the increasing monopolization of Internet services and enables … Read more

What are the Applications of Graphs in Computer Science?

[Reading time: 9 minutes] Graphs are everywhere. They are used in social networks, the world wide web, biological networks, semantic web, product recommendation engines, mapping services, blockchains, and Bitcoin flow analyses. Furthermore, they’re used to define the flow of computation of software programs, to represent communication networks in distributed systems, and to represent data relationships … Read more

A Bird’s-Eye Perspective on Artificial Intelligence–Written by an AI

This article is contributed by our friendly AI from InferKit that uses a deep neural network to generate text automatically. I (human) guided the AI by proposing different subheadings that may be of interest to the reader. Surprisingly, there are many unique perspectives in the article—and some totally wrong “facts”. So, enjoy this fascinating demonstration … Read more

What is a Hypergraph?

Graphs You most likely know graphs. The web graph consists of websites connected via hyperlinks. The websites are graph vertices and the hyperlinks are graph edges. Each graph edge connects exactly two vertices. What happens if you drop this limitation and allow each edge to connect an arbitrary number of vertices? Simple: you get a … Read more

Unix Heros: Celebrating 8 Pioneers to Change Computing Forever

The family of Unix operating systems emerged in the late 1970s when Bell Systems made the source code of its technology open to the public. In the subsequent decades, universities, individuals, and corporations developed a multitude of extensions and new versions. Today, Unix is a trademarked standard that ensures that certain quality standards are met … Read more

Premature Optimization is the Root of All Evil

This chapter draft is part of my upcoming book “From One to Zero” (NoStarch 2021). You’ll learn about the concept of premature optimization and why it hurts your programming productivity. Premature optimization is one of the main problems of poorly written code. But what is it anyway? Definition Premature Optimization Definition: Premature optimization is the … Read more

How to Generate Text Automatically With Python? A Guide to the DeepAI API

Do you want to enrich your Python script with powerful text-generation capabilities? You’re in the right place! What does it do? I just discovered DeepAI’s API that automatically generates a body of text, given a sentence fragment or topic keyword. How can it be used? You can use this as a basis to generate text … Read more