Computer Science Researcher – Income & Opportunity

Before we learn about the money, let’s get this question out of the way: What Does a Computer Science Research Scientist Do? A computer science researcher and scientist identifies and answers open research questions in computer science. They apply scientific reasoning and research techniques to push the state-of-the-art forward in various fields such as machine … Read more

1-Year, 3-Year, and 10-Year Goals of 63 Coders in the Finxter Community

What are the short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals of coders in the Finxter community? Let’s find out! Overview Here are some meta stats about our survey: How Many? 63 survey respondents When? Survey date is January 2022 Who? Finxter Email List of people generally interested in programming Survey link: (feel free to participate before … Read more

[FANG KILLER ICP] Will the Internet Computer Disrupt Big Tech?

What is the Internet Computer? The Internet Computer is blockchain technology and computing infrastructure initiated by the non-profit organization DFinity. Like the public Internet, the Internet Computer is a distributed computing platform consisting of thousands of connected and decentralized servers that host backend software. This idea mitigates the increasing monopolization of Internet services and enables … Read more

What are the Applications of Graphs in Computer Science?

[Reading time: 9 minutes] Graphs are everywhere. They are used in social networks, the world wide web, biological networks, semantic web, product recommendation engines, mapping services, blockchains, and Bitcoin flow analyses. Furthermore, they’re used to define the flow of computation of software programs, to represent communication networks in distributed systems, and to represent data relationships … Read more

A Bird’s-Eye Perspective on Artificial Intelligence–Written by an AI

This article is contributed by our friendly AI from InferKit that uses a deep neural network to generate text automatically. I (human) guided the AI by proposing different subheadings that may be of interest to the reader. Surprisingly, there are many unique perspectives in the article—and some totally wrong “facts”. So, enjoy this fascinating demonstration … Read more

What is a Hypergraph?

First, let’s have a look at an image—hopefully telling us more than a thousand words: Okay, let’s go back to square one—before you understand hypergraphs, we first need to understand graphs. What Are Graphs? You most likely know graphs. The web graph consists of websites connected via hyperlinks. The websites are graph vertices and the … Read more