Large Action Models (LAMs): A New Step in AI for Understanding and Doing Human Tasks

πŸ’‘ Definition: A Large Action Model (LAM) is an advanced artificial intelligence system designed to perform human-like tasks within digital environments. Utilizing neural networks and symbolic reasoning, it interprets and executes complex commands in applications, like web navigation or online transactions, by directly modeling and understanding the logic and structure of these interfaces. Artificial Intelligence … Read more

The Art of Clean Code — 14 Unix Principles

“This is the Unix philosophy: Write programs that do one thing and do it well. Write programs to work together. Write programs to handle text streams, because that is a universal interface. […] ” – McIlroy This book chapter draft is original material drawn from my book The Art of Clean Code (NoStarchPress, San Francisco). … Read more

How to Get Rich – 5 Tips From Science

Based on the latest scientific research, here are five evidence-based tips for individual wealth accumulation: Tip 1: Manage Your Mind and Money Be aware of your cognitive biases, reduce financial dependency, and understand your risk tolerance. Practice tax-efficient strategies and balance work commitments to enhance your financial and life satisfaction. Check out this table exemplifying … Read more

LLM in a Flash – Apple’s Attempt to Inject Intelligence Into the Edge

A new Apple research paper is taking the world by storm: LLM in a flash. ⚑ The ideas is simple: Making large language models (LLMs) work better on computers that don’t have a lot of memory. πŸ‘‰ If you’re a human reader, chances are you’re reading this on such a computer or smartphone. If you’re … Read more

Mixtral 8x7B Outperforms LLaMA 2 and Beats ChatGPT in Speed by 21x to 44x!

What Is Mixtral 8x7B? Mixtral 8x7B is a cutting-edge language model developed by Mistral AI. It outperforms the Llama 2 70B model on various benchmarks, while being six times faster. Notably, it can speak multiple languages and is a skilled coder. Plus it can manage a sequence length (context window) of 32,000 tokens. How Fast … Read more

AI Weather Model BEATS Meteorologists – Higher Accuracy But 10,000x Faster!

Huawei’s Pangu-Weather AI model represents a significant advancement in weather forecasting. This model is the first AI prediction model to outperform traditional numerical weather forecast methods in terms of accuracy and speed. It processes data 10,000 times faster than conventional methods, reducing the global weather prediction time to just seconds. Note that this is not … Read more

Tesla Bot Optimus: Is $5,000 per Share (TSLA) Realistic?

πŸ’‘ Disclaimer: I own TSLA and this is not investment advice. Most people, when thinking about Tesla, primarily consider its car models like the Model 3, Model S, and the recently launched Cybertruck. Enthusiasts often discuss its role in promoting safe driving, the potential of its robotaxi fleet network, and the expected profits these innovations … Read more

Google Deep Learning – 800 Years of Human Experimentation in One Discovery

In a remarkable feat of technology and science, Google DeepMind’s AI system, GNoME, has discovered over 2.2 million new crystal materials, including 380,000 that are considered stable and potentially useful for future technologies. πŸ”— Image credits This discovery represents an advancement equivalent to nearly 800 years’ worth of knowledge in material science. With such a … Read more

Are LLMs Greedy? An Experimental Analysis of the Tipping Prompt ($0 to $1 Million)

Abstract: Is the prompting technique of offering GPT-4 Turbo a tip for a perfect answer effective? There’s little formal research on this topic at the time of writing. Our initial experiments on a coding-related prompt show that tipping may offer some benefits, although the tipping amounts seem crucial. For example, if the offered tip is … Read more

Starling-7B: UC Berkeley’s New Open-Source LLM

How do you copy GPT-4 without actually copying the model weights? In this article, you’ll learn how! πŸ’‘ Researchers from UC Berkeley have unveiled Starling-7B, an innovative large language model (LLM) trained using Reinforcement Learning from AI Feedback (RLAIF), as opposed to the Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF) approach used by many competitors. Starling-7B … Read more