Google’s RT-2 Enables Robots To Learn From YouTube Videos

In a game-changing development in robotics, Google DeepMind’s new artificial intelligence model, RT-2 (Robotics Transformer 2), seamlessly combines vision, language, and action to help robots understand and perform tasks with greater adaptability. The RT-2 is a Vision-Language-Action (VLA) model, unprecedented in its capacity to integrate text and images from the internet and use the acquired … Read more

Top 10 Python Libraries to Create Your Telegram Bot Easily (GitHub)

As a Python developer interested in building Telegram bots for pure fun and enjoyment, I bring you my curated list of top Python libraries that powerfully streamline bot creation. 1. python-telegram-bot The python-telegram-bot is one of the most straightforward libraries for building bots for the Telegram app. Easy installation: 👇 pip install python-telegram-bot –upgrade It … Read more

50 Activities a Humanoid Bot Could Do [Table]

I just completed an article on the possible stock price for Tesla if the Optimus bot reaches world domination. See here: 📈 Recommended: Tesla Bot Valuation: $15,625 per Share Possible? To support the argument, here is the table of 50 activities that a humanoid robot could do: Activity Hourly Rate ($) Difficulty Required Skills Energy … Read more

Tesla Bot Valuation: $15,625 per Share Possible?

I’ll present my personal valuation thesis for the Tesla stock in this article, assuming the Optimus program will succeed. My optimism caused me to put ~80% of my stock investment portfolio into TSLA. Track all markets on TradingView Learning From the Smartphone Market 200 million people decide to buy an iPhone every year (source): 1.5 … Read more

Cross-Species Cooperation: Uniting Humans and Embodied AI through English Language

I stumbled upon an interesting new MIT and IBM Watson AI Lab project titled Building Cooperative Embodied Agents Modularly with Large Language Models. AI Breaks Out Of Your Screen If you’re like me, you are not deep into AI research, so let’s start with the question: What are embodied agents anyway? 👨‍💻 Definition: Embodied agents … Read more

ChatGPT Breaks New Ground in Robotics! This New Microsoft Research Shows How

Microsoft Research has just released a cutting-edge study that offers groundbreaking insights into the use of OpenAI’s ChatGPT for robotics applications. Dubbed “ChatGPT for Robotics: Design Principles and Model Abilities,” the paper pioneers an innovative strategy that could revolutionize how we approach and interact with robotic tasks, platforms, and forms. The study uniquely converges two … Read more