How to Catch and Print Exception Messages in Python

Python comes with an extensive support of exceptions and exception handling. An exception event interrupts and, if uncaught, immediately terminates a running program. The most popular examples are the IndexError, ValueError, and TypeError. An exception will immediately terminate your program. To avoid this, you can catch the exception with a try/except block around the code … Read more

Python Int to String with Leading Zeros

To convert an integer i to a string with leading zeros so that it consists of 5 characters, use the format string f'{i:05d}’. The d flag in this expression defines that the result is a decimal value. The str(i).zfill(5) accomplishes the same string conversion of an integer with leading zeros. Challenge: Given an integer number. … Read more

How to Calculate the Column Variance of a DataFrame in Python Pandas?

Want to calculate the variance of a column in your Pandas DataFrame? In case you’ve attended your last statistics course a few years ago, let’s quickly recap the definition of variance: it’s the average squared deviation of the list elements from the average value. You can calculate the variance of a Pandas DataFrame by using … Read more

Python Function Call Inside List Comprehension

Question: Is it possible to call a function inside a list comprehension statement? Background: List comprehension is a compact way of creating lists. The simple formula is [expression + context]. Expression: What to do with each list element? Context: What elements to select? The context consists of an arbitrary number of for and if statements. … Read more

Python TypeError: Object is Not Subscriptable (How to Fix This Stupid Bug)

Do you encounter this stupid error? You’re not alone—thousands of coders like you generate this error in thousands of projects every single month. This short tutorial will show you exactly why this error occurs, how to fix it, and how to never make the same mistake again. So, let’s get started! Python throws the TypeError … Read more