Hello World! A Python One-Liner to Get Started with Python Quickly

The “hello world program” is used in programming languages to set up a minimal programming environment and execute the first trivial program in it. It helps you get your environment going and take your first steps towards a more complicated program. This short tutorial will show you the fastest possible way to write your first … Read more

How To Import A Module Given The Full Path

Summary: To import a module given the full path, the following methods can be used : Using the importlib module Using SourceFileLoader class Using sys.path.append() function Adding __init__ file to the folder containing the module and then importing it Problem: How to import a module if its full path has been given? Example: Consider we … Read more

Python Semicolons: How They Work and Why Haters Tell You to Avoid Them

Every Python coder hates semicolons ; to terminate statements. If you’re like me and somebody shows you the following Python code, you’ll start to wonder if the person confused Python with Java or C++. Python Semicolon Example [One-Liner] Here’s how one may use the semicolon: If you run this Python one-liner with semicolons, you’ll get … Read more

How To Call An External Command In Python?

Summary: To call an external command in a Python script, use any of the following methods: subprocess.call() function subprocess.run() function subprocess.Popen Class os.system() function os.popen() function Whether you are a developer or a system administrator, automation scripts are going to be a common part of your daily routine. These may include automating routine tasks like … Read more