I Sent My First SOL with Solana’s Phantom Wallet and web3.js: Here’s How

Solana, one of the blockchains that offer an incredibly low transaction fee, is well known for its speed and efficiency. Compared to Ethereum‘s 15 transactions per second, Solana’s network can handle about 3,400 transactions per second. πŸ›‘ Attention: There is no free lunch — Solana sacrifices decentralization to accomplish this speed. Still — many freelancing … Read more

Phantom Crypto Wallet Howto

Phantom wallet is a crypto wallet for the Solana blockchain. As a browser extension, you can manage digital assets such as NFTs and gain access to dApps on the Solana blockchain. You will generate and manage private keys so that you can store your SOL and sign transactions. πŸ‘‰ Recommended: I Sent My First SOL … Read more