OpenAI Text-to-Speech (TTS) – I Tried the Top Ten Languages with 10 Amazing Speech Samples

Let’s check out OpenAI’s fantastic Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology. I was blown away when I first heard these voices; they sound so incredibly human, it’s almost hard to believe! It’s like having a friendly chat in different languages, all thanks to OpenAI’s amazing speech-generation skills in the world’s top ten languages. I used the following code: … Read more

OpenAI Text to Speech (TTS): Minimal Example in Python

To use OpenAI’s amazing Text-to-Speech (TTS) functionality, first install the openai Python library and obtain an API key from OpenAI. Instantiate an OpenAI client with openai.OpenAI(api_key). Call’tts_1′, voice=’alloy’, input=your_text) to use the ‘alloy’ voice model. This generates speech you can save as an MP3 file using response.stream_to_file(‘your_file.mp3’). First, install the OpenAI library and set … Read more