How to Create, Update, and Query an SQLite Database in Python?

Problem Formulation and Solution Overview This article will show you how to create, update and query a SQLite database using Python. ℹ️The SQLite database is a great choice! It is self-contained, easy to use, easy to learn, and works on other devices, such as game consoles, mobile phones, and so on! To make it more … Read more

CSV to SQLite3

Story: Assume you work for the Finxter Academy. Your boss asks you to import an existing CSV file containing fictitious users to SQLite3. What is SQLite3, you ask! SQLite3 is an ANSI-C source-code file that offers a light-weight database with the following qualities: Easy to compile and incorporate into projects. No external dependencies. Supports cross-platforms. … Read more

SQL Developer – Income and Opportunity

Annual Income The average annual income of a SQL Developer in the US is $76,110 according to PayScale and $87,489 according to The annual bonus will often reach up to $10k per year: Here’s another screenshot: Hourly Rate SQL Developers are well-paid on freelancing platforms such as Upwork or Fiverr. Related Article: What’s the … Read more