I Made a Password Generator in Streamlit That’s Really Secure (Maybe Too Secure!)

Project Description Both in my day job and personal life, I notice every day how important online security has become. Almost every part of our everyday lives are connected somehow to the Internet. And everyone of those connections requires (or should need) a password at the least. The problem with that is that passwords are … Read more

How I Created a Football Prediction App on Streamlit

This tutorial shows you how I created a model to predict football results using Poisson distribution. You’ll learn how I designed an interactive dashboard on Streamlit where our users can select a team and get to know the odds of a home win, draw, or away win. Here’s a live demo of using the app … Read more

How I Built a House Price Prediction App Using Streamlit

In this tutorial, I will take you through a machine learning project on House Price prediction with Python. We have previously learned how to solve a classification problem. 👉 Recommended: How I Built and Deployed a Python Loan Eligibility Prediction App on Streamlit Today, I will show you how to solve a regression problem and … Read more

Line Charts — Learning Line Charts with Streamlit

Streamlit is an easy-to-use rapid web application development platform. It can create compelling data visualizations using python. Line charts are one of the many types of charts that Streamlit can display. Line charts are often a great visual for displaying numerical data over time.  This tutorial will teach you how to easily create and configure … Read more