Does Tesla Use Python?

Python’s efficiency and flexibility have established it as a premier language in the areas of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and data sciences—domains integral to the technological advancements of the automotive industry. Tesla, at the forefront of electric vehicles and autonomous technology, harnesses Python’s strengths in developing its cutting-edge technologies. Introduction to Tesla and … Read more

Tesla Bot Optimus Price vs Value – What You’ll Pay and What You’ll Get

“The future is already here, it’s just unevenly distributed.” — William Gibson Tesla’s humanoid bot, “Optimus“, is not a mere vision anymore. Real bots are built, doing real work. I’ve written two articles attempting to value its impact on the TSLA stock price in the long term: But to conduct a realistic valuation, we first … Read more

Tesla Bot Optimus: Is $5,000 per Share (TSLA) Realistic?

💡 Disclaimer: I own TSLA and this is not investment advice. Most people, when thinking about Tesla, primarily consider its car models like the Model 3, Model S, and the recently launched Cybertruck. Enthusiasts often discuss its role in promoting safe driving, the potential of its robotaxi fleet network, and the expected profits these innovations … Read more

[BREAKING] Tesla Car Drives Elon Musk in Epic Livestream (FSD V12): NOTHING BUT NETS–All The Way Down!

Wow, Tesla Full Self-Driving (FSD), the most incredible real-world software system humanity has ever seen, doesn’t rely on explicit code. It’s an end-to-end neural network solution. The new paradigm is: there is no explicit coding; the code is … neural net weights trained on massive data! 🤯 In a recent live stream, Elon Musk and … Read more

50 Activities a Humanoid Bot Could Do [Table]

I just completed an article on the possible stock price for Tesla if the Optimus bot reaches world domination. See here: 📈 Recommended: Tesla Bot Valuation: $15,625 per Share Possible? To support the argument, here is the table of 50 activities that a humanoid robot could do: Activity Hourly Rate ($) Difficulty Required Skills Energy … Read more