Notepad++ How to Toggle Line Wrapping/Breaking?

⚡ Problem Formulation: In the Notepad++ editor, how to toggle the line wrapping (line break) feature so that long lines do or do not break? ✅ Answer: Go to the top-level View menu and select the Word wrap option (View > Word wrap) to toggle the line break feature on and off. If Word wrap … Read more

I Tried Mind-Blown … Again 🤯 is an innovative AI platform (aka. autonomous AI agent) to make AI more accessible and user-friendly. With their web-based AI agent, you can use large language models (LLMs) in your browser to accomplish complex tasks and improve your decision-making process for various big and small problems in your daily life or business. Here’s a … Read more

Remove Substring From String (Easy Online Tool)

This is the world’s easiest online substring remover for web developers, random web surfers, and programmers. Simply insert your text in the form below, hit the “Remove Substring” button, and you’ll receive back a single string devoid of the specified substring. Click a button, receive a substring-free string. No nonsense or clutter. 🔧 Online Substring … Read more