Tesla Stock Valuation ($1,169) Humanoid, FSD, Robotaxi, Cars, Energy

First of all, check out my video that guides you through my May 2024 valuation of the Tesla stock. It’ll be still relevant 2-3 years from now: πŸ‘‡ Overview Tesla Profit From Car Sales Profit From Full Self-Driving (FSD) Tesla’s ambitious Full Self-Driving (FSD) technology holds immense potential. With an estimated 24.6 million Tesla cars … Read more

Valuing $NVIDIA as a Real Estate Company That Sells Housing to AI Agents ($100k/Share in 2034)

Determining the true worth of Nvidia stocks has been a journey of blending qualitative insights with hard numbers. I’ve taken on the task of performing a traditional discounted cash flow analysis, examining not just one, but two different scenarios: the pessimistic and the optimistic. It’s crucial first to set the foundation with some qualitative data … Read more