How to Transfer an ENS Domain: A Quick and Easy Guide

Prerequisites Before beginning the process of transferring an ENS domain, ensure you have the following tools at hand. This includes πŸ“: Note that ENS domains work as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), so transferring ownership is similar to transferring other NFTs 🏷️. πŸ›‘ Attention: Simply sending the ENS domain NFT to the other wallet will only transfer … Read more

How to Sell Coupons on ETH? Web3.js and Connect Frontend with Metamask (3/4)

How to Sell Coupons on ETH? Creating your own sample dApp in four parts: Welcome to the front-end journey for the Finxter coupon Dapp. πŸ›‘ Note: This is just a training “fun” dApp that shows you how to use React, Truffle, and Solidity. It is not a real dApp with real functionality! Imaginary Scenario: Finxter … Read more

How to Sell Coupons on ETH? A Sample Solidity dApp with React and Truffle (1/4)

How to Sell Coupons on ETH? Creating your own sample dApp in four parts: Blockchain has bagged decent accolades recently for its transparency of the transactions made throughout the supply chain. By taking inspiration from that, we decided to make an imaginary Web3 dapp for the finxter academy. πŸ›‘ Note: This is just a training … Read more

How to Check If a List of ENS (.eth) Domains are Available? (Python)

You can check programmatically in Python whether a certain ENS ‘.eth‘ domain name is available by using the urlopen() function from urllib.request module to access the URL ‘’, replacing the URL suffix ‘example.eth’ with your desired domain. In the following example code snippet, I show how you could check a list of names, one domain … Read more

How to Install the Solidity Compiler via Source Code Compilation?

In this article, we’ll produce, i.e., compile a Solidity compiler from its source code. Platform compilation is not an operation regular computer users explicitly do very often, if ever. However, in some unusual situations, we need specific software in terms of its (previous) version, or it should run in our exotic environment, etc. Regardless of … Read more

Top 10 Python Packages for Crypto

As you know, Web3 is a new online era that differs from Web2 in its foundational technology, the blockchain.  Blockchain is a disruptive technology characterized by being a decentralized solution for communication and transactions. Decentralization means that there are no controlled databases by third-party service providers. These providers can own and hold your accounts or … Read more