The Art of Clean Code – Less Is More In Design

As developers, we rarely perceive ourselves as designers, yet interface crafting is an integral facet of our craft. Be it shaping an intuitive dashboard for data analysis, architecting an easily navigable API, or constructing straightforward web interfaces for blockchain applications, a grasp on basic design principles separates the forgettable from the functional. πŸ’‘ This chapter … Read more

(Solved) Python Request Error 403 When Web Scraping

Quick Fix Trying to parse a site when web scraping or calling APIs with Python requests, but getting slapped with a 403 Forbidden error. Ouch! The basic code looks like this: And the server is like, β€œNope, you’re not coming in” πŸ₯Έ, showing a 403 Forbidden error. Turns out, servers can be picky. They might … Read more

(Fixed) Python Request Error 500

When using Python’s requests library, encountering a 500 Internal Server Error indicates that the server has experienced an unexpected condition, preventing it from fulfilling the request. πŸ”§ Quick Fix: To solve a 500 error, start by examining the server-side logs for detailed error messages. If the server is within your control, review your server code … Read more

Mobile App Development with Python and Kivy: Your Guide to Building Apps Easily

Getting Started with Kivy and Python Embarking on your app development journey with Python can be an exciting venture, especially with the Kivy framework. Kivy is a free and open-source Python library that simplifies the process of building cross-platform applications. With this guide, you’ll set up your development environment and create your first basic application. … Read more

L4S: Low Latency, Low Loss, and Scalable Throughput (RFC 9330)

Imagine streaming your favorite 4K movie or playing high-speed online games with virtually no lag. That’s the promise of L4S: The need for speed and reliability in internet services is paramount. Enter RFC 9330, a groundbreaking document from the IETF that’s set to revolutionize how we experience the internet. This Low Latency, Low Loss, and … Read more

Embedding Your GPT in a Website

πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» Question: I want to integrate a (custom) GPT model into my website to enhance its interactive features with AI-driven capabilities. How do I achieve this while ensuring the AI functions effectively within the web environment and aligns with my site’s design and functionality? How do I ensure real-time responses, contextually relevant interactions, and an … Read more

How I Created an Audiobook App with Streamlit

Welcome to another project tutorial using the Streamlit Library. It’s been a while since I created projects using this framework. The previous project tutorial was on creating a weather app which was the third series on developing a single application using three Python frameworks. In this tutorial, we will learn to design something really interesting, … Read more

How I Made a Django Blog Audio Versions of My Blog Articles (Auto-Gen)

Creating a blog application not only helps us to practice our skills as a Django developer but it is also a way to share our programming knowledge. There are many people out there in different stages of their programming journey who will benefit from your wealth of experience. By blogging about your programming knowledge, you … Read more