Send, Receive, and Test Emails in Django

Some time ago, we discovered how to send an email with Python using smtplib, a built-in email module. Back then, the focus was made on the delivery of different types of messages via SMTP server. Today, we prepared a similar tutorial but for Django. This popular Python web framework allows you to accelerate email delivery … Read more

How to Check If a List of ENS (.eth) Domains are Available? (Python)

You can check programmatically in Python whether a certain ENS ‘.eth‘ domain name is available by using the urlopen() function from urllib.request module to access the URL ‘’, replacing the URL suffix ‘example.eth’ with your desired domain. In the following example code snippet, I show how you could check a list of names, one domain … Read more

How to Extract Google Featured Snippets Using Python?

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Double Hyphen (‐‐) Not Single Dash (–) in WordPress

WordPress automatically replaces ‐‐ with the long dash – . But for technical text, you often need the double minus symbol, e.g., when writing scripts and command line flags such as – option. 💬 How to prevent WordPress from replacing the double hyphen (minus) with the long dash? Here’s the surprisingly simple fix: You can … Read more

Before After Image in Plotly Dash

💡 This article will show you how to use the BeforeAfter image component in your Plotly Dash project. Dash book author Ann just created the following stunning web project visualizing before/after galaxy images from the James Webb Space Telescope in a simple and straightforward Dash app using the BeforeAfter component of the dash-extensions library. Before … Read more

How to Check the Plotly Dash Version in Python?

How to Check the Plotly Dash Version in the Terminal or Shell (Unix/macOS/Linux/Windows? To check the dash version in your Windows, Unix, macOS, or Linux environment, you can run the command pip list in your terminal or shell and locate the dash output with version information in the format x.y.z (e.g., 2.5.1) Here’s an example … Read more

8 PHP Frameworks That Make You Money as a Web Developer in 2023

This article will show you the most interesting PHP frameworks to build your career on in 2023 and beyond. Let’s start right away with a tabular overview of the income potential of the addressed PHP frameworks: PHP Framework Developer Income Low ($/year) Income High ($/year) General PHP Developer $44,000 $97,000 Laravel Developer $40,000 $150,000 Symfony … Read more