How I Built and Deployed a Python Loan Eligibility Prediction App on Streamlit

In this tutorial, I will walk you through a machine-learning project on Loan Eligibility Prediction with Python. Specifically, I will show you how to create and deploy machine learning web applications using Streamlit. Streamlit makes it easy for data scientists with little or no knowledge of web development to develop and deploy machine learning apps … Read more

How I Hacked Into a Hosting Company and Exposed a Vulnerability (THM Overpass 3)

BOX OVERVIEW PREMISE This is the third and final installment of the Overpass challenges on TryHackMe. Here are the other two overpass walkthroughs, just in case you missed them: In today’s challenge, the team of comp-sci students is at it again with a new website hosting company. However, they haven’t learned much yet about security. … Read more

TryHackMe Overpass 2 – How I Found a Server Backdoor with Wireshark

Backdoors are malicious pieces of software that allow attackers to access computers without authorization and bypass security measures. They can control computers remotely, steal data, and bypass safety protocols. Challenge Overview 👉 Recommended Tutorial: How I Hacked a PW Manager (TryHackMe Overpass 1) PART 1 – FORENSICS Part one of this box can be completed … Read more

Plotly Dash vs. Streamlit

What are Plotly Dash and Streamlit? Plotly Dash and Streamlit are both open-source Python libraries for creating interactive web applications for data visualization and analysis. The libraries are designed to make it easy for developers to create visually appealing and informative dashboards and reports that can be shared with others through a web browser. Some … Read more

How to Sell Coupons on ETH? Integrate Frontend with Smart Contract (4/4)

How to Sell Coupons on ETH? Creating your own sample dApp in four parts: Welcome to the last part of the series. 🛑 Note: This is just a training “fun” dApp that shows you how to use React, Truffle, and Solidity. It is not a real dApp with real functionality! Imaginary Scenario: Finxter academy has … Read more