Embedding Your GPT in a Website

πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» Question: I want to integrate a (custom) GPT model into my website to enhance its interactive features with AI-driven capabilities. How do I achieve this while ensuring the AI functions effectively within the web environment and aligns with my site’s design and functionality? How do I ensure real-time responses, contextually relevant interactions, and an … Read more

How I Created an Audiobook App with Streamlit

Welcome to another project tutorial using the Streamlit Library. It’s been a while since I created projects using this framework. The previous project tutorial was on creating a weather app which was the third series on developing a single application using three Python frameworks. In this tutorial, we will learn to design something really interesting, … Read more

How I Made a Django Blog Audio Versions of My Blog Articles (Auto-Gen)

Creating a blog application not only helps us to practice our skills as a Django developer but it is also a way to share our programming knowledge. There are many people out there in different stages of their programming journey who will benefit from your wealth of experience. By blogging about your programming knowledge, you … Read more

Top 10 Python Libraries to Create Your Telegram Bot Easily (GitHub)

As a Python developer interested in building Telegram bots for pure fun and enjoyment, I bring you my curated list of top Python libraries that powerfully streamline bot creation. 1. python-telegram-bot The python-telegram-bot is one of the most straightforward libraries for building bots for the Telegram app. Easy installation: πŸ‘‡ pip install python-telegram-bot –upgrade It … Read more

3 Easy Ways to Check Your Internet Speed in Python

Method 1: Speedtest-cli To measure your Internet speed with Python, you can use the Speedtest-cli method. This Python library provides a command-line interface for testing internet bandwidth using speedtest.net. It performs a comprehensive test, providing download speed, upload speed, and latency data. First, install the speedtest-cli library using: pip install speedtest-cli The following example can … Read more

The AI Fact Generator: A Tapping Party for Your Brain

This AI Fact Generator will randomly generate a fact about artificial intelligence, machine learning, or data science. Click the button to see a new fact! πŸ‘‡ Change Fact πŸ’‘ Fact: Want to learn more about AI, ML, and DS? Join our free email academy with 150,000+ readers and download my simple coding cheat sheet. You’ll … Read more

I Made a ChatGPT-Powered Logo Generator App Using Python Flask in 7 Steps

In this tutorial, I will show you my step-by-step process of creating a ChatGPT-powered Logo Generator App using Python Flask. This simple but powerful logo generator allows users to quickly generate unique and creative logos for their businesses. Demo Link: https://flask-openai-logo-app.vercel.app/ You can watch my explainer video here as you go through the project: Prerequisites … Read more