Web Hacking 101: Solving the TryHackMe Pickle Rick “Capture The Flag” Challenge

The Pickle Rick CTF (capture the flag) challenge requires basic webhacking techniques including: The theme of the challenge is Rick and Morty, the animated tv show. The silly premise of this box is that we need to find the three hidden ingredients that Rick needs to change himself from a pickle back to a human. … Read more

Python Scrapy – Scraping Dynamic Website with API-Generated Content

Scrapy is an excellent tool for extracting data from static and dynamic websites. In this article, we are going to discuss the solution to the following problems: Extract all details of Offices from the website https:/directory.ntschools.net/#/offices Instead of using a whole scrapy framework, use a typical Python script for extracting the data. For each office, … Read more

How to Check If a List of ENS (.eth) Domains are Available? (Python)

You can check programmatically in Python whether a certain ENS ‘.eth‘ domain name is available by using the urlopen() function from urllib.request module to access the URL ‘https://etherscan.io/enslookup-search?search=example.eth’, replacing the URL suffix ‘example.eth’ with your desired domain. In the following example code snippet, I show how you could check a list of names, one domain … Read more

How to Extract Google Featured Snippets Using Python?

The article begins by formulating a problem relating to website click-through rate and gives you an overview of solutions about how to extract Google Featured Snippets using Python. And the article goes into great detail about the solution for beginners. At the end of this article, you will see the results of extracting featured snippets … Read more