Is There a WordPress Shortcut to Format Selected Text as Inline Code?

Question ⚑ Problem Formulation: If you’re a coder writing articles on WordPress, you often have to make selected text inline_code. The standard approach is to select the text, click the small “v” symbol to expand the formatting options, and choose “Inline code” from the dropdown menu. But this is cumbersome if you have large amounts … Read more

Embedding Your GPT in a Website

πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» Question: I want to integrate a (custom) GPT model into my website to enhance its interactive features with AI-driven capabilities. How do I achieve this while ensuring the AI functions effectively within the web environment and aligns with my site’s design and functionality? How do I ensure real-time responses, contextually relevant interactions, and an … Read more

Python – How to Create a Category in WordPress if it Doesn’t Already Exist?

To create a new category in WordPress using Python, you can use the WordPress REST API. Here’s a basic function that checks if a category already exists and creates it if it doesn’t: In this code, replace ‘http://your-site-url’, ‘your-username’, and ‘your-application-password’ with your WordPress site URL, your WordPress username, and the application password you generated. … Read more