Proven By Science – Avoid Commute Time Like the Plague

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What is the number one reason why you should consider working from home instead of working from where you work?

The number one reason, I find, is commute time. Simply put: your life would be much better if you skipped commute time altogether.

Before I show you some stats and scientific evidence, please allow me to share how skipping commute time changed my life. If you’d rather skip the personal story, feel free to do so!

Personal Story

For a few years, I had a lot of commute time myself traveling for one hour to work and one hour back. I loved work but I hated commute time.

Commute time is a huge productivity killer and drains your energy. Even if you use the time productively by listening to audiobooks or reading — it’s still a waste of your time. Think: opportunity costs.

When I became self-employed, my productivity skyrocketed. At the same time, everything became easier and less stressful. When I analyzed my days to find out about the reason for this, it struck me: No commute time.

I suddenly had a lot more time and more energy to create more content. Skipping commute time simply gave me more resources.

Code From Home! How to Be Happier and More Successful Because of This One Thing

Working from home means that you don’t have these huge drains of energy every day — office politics drain your life energy.

Scientific Evidence Commute Time

Many scientific research studies show that having a long commute time reduces your happiness. It’s one of the top ten influence factors for your happiness — even more important than making a lot of money with your job.

Here are some stats and observations about the negative effects of commute time:

Do you want to live a more minimalistic, happier, and more focused life and skip commute time, too?

Why Not Coding from Home as a Freelance Developer?

In my freelancer course, I offer a full 3 months program to push you to Python freelance level. So that you can start earning money, getting paid for learning Python, start working from home, and take control to live a happier life.

Working from home is one of the best advantages of being a Python freelancer.

You save 1-2h per day commute time. Invest this commute time into your dream project every day, and you’ll be wildly successful in a few years.

You could write 2-3 books per year, finish 10 small web projects per year, or learn and master a completely new skill such as business or marketing.

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