Coding Doctor Against COVID-19

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COVID-19 is everywhere. In this article, I want to express my deep gratitude for the doctors, nurses, and medical personnel working 70-hours or more per week to mitigate the adverse effects of the virus.

Here’s a pic of Finxter user Albrecht, a “retired” medical doctor supporting a COVID-19 test station in Germany:


I asked the Finxter community to show Albrecht some support and encourage him in his fight against COVID-19.


Because the response has been huge, I decided to write this short blog article to collect some of the responses.

God Bless You

Dear Albrecht,
This is Anugraha from India. I really appreciate what you are doing for us. I will pray to my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ that you be protected from the virus and that the people under your care and the care of doctors worldwide recover. I salute you and respect you. Men like you are the reason I want to become a doctor. God will honour you and bless you.


High Fives

HIGH Fives to all the people giving time to help their community! ?

The Southland’s News Leader


Thanks to Albrecht from our side!


Desire to Help

Hello Doctor,
I do believe that no amount of money would drive you to offer this service. It can only be in the desire to help humanity. I wish I could do the same, but I surely can’t.
Halliday Johnson
Finxter user

Medicine to Immunity

If you want to take my suggestion then first make the medicine to increase high immunity power of people then only the search for the Corona treatment…… thanks for taking advice from me …


Thanks for Fighting

Dear Albrecht,

Thank you for being there to help us fight CoronaVirus.I am from India and appreciate your support.

Kind regards,

Anil Rajpal

Real Hero

Hey Albrecht,

Thank You very much. People like you are the real heroes of our world. We are very grateful and thankful of you all the doctors who are helping us to fight back this Virus. I know we are from continents still this feeling to fight and win over this virus is mutual. We are all praying for you. Thank you again, stay safe and stay strong. GOD Bless YOU


You Rock

To Albrecht –  I am so appreciative of your work. You rock!! Karen Calhoun.


Danke dir Albrecht ???


Stay Strong

Thank you for fighting against this covid-19 and risking your lives for others. Thank you for all the doctors and people who are contributing to save us thank you all… 
Stay safe. Stay strong.. Thank you.???


Thanks 4 All

Thanks Albrecht for all that you are doing!!!



Dear Albrecht
With great due respect, all the very best and may God bless you with the health and happiness and long life. Bravo to your friends and family. 
Regards, Rajender 


Go Albrecht go!


UK Should Do More

Hi from the UK,

my wishes go to Albrecht’s medical team. They are in luck—at least they have PPE (clothing) unlike NHS in UK who don’t as it is conveniently held up in a logistics mess up.
Meanwhile celebs in UK have been busy buying testing equipment at £385 each whereas our front line nurses and doctors don’t have access to such tests.
Other than that we are hoping that our UK government is mysteriously taken ill with some unknown illness as they are behaving in an appalling way to British Public.
Finally our schools are closing BUT not until next Monday
Wishing Europe all the best 
Oh we were once a part of that amazing place until a corrupt band took over our government and highjacked our press with such  wonderful newspapers full of intelligent writings such as Mail and Sun!!!
Keep up Pythoning!!
Regards Nigel

Hats Off

My heartfelt thanks and regards to all the Doctors. We are very grateful for your contributions especially during these unprecedented events.
May God bless You. 
Hats off to you all. 
Many Thanks.

With such a great support, I’m sure Albrecht is not going to stop soon. 😉

Albrecht’s Response

Here’s an idea from Albrecht:

Great! I thank you so much!  

Interesting site dealing with the math structure of epidemy:  

How could we reproduce this in Python code?    


So how can you help fighting COVID-19?

  • Participate in hackathons! Here’s an example from the German government initiated: Those hackathons start all over the world.
  • Be creative with your Python skills! Consider Albrecht’s question: How could we reproduce [the mathematical side of the outbreak] in Python code? Start your new coding projects now that solve real-world problems that arise because of COVID-19.
  • Code from home! (And reduce your physical contacts by half.) This mitigates the spread of the disease, keeps the health system intact, and helps the environment too.