​Do ​​​​you want to learn ​​data science 44% faster?

​The new ​ebook package Coffee Break NumPy​ ​leverages the scientifically proven way of puzzle-based learning to code​.


​Textbook: 200 pages packed with NumPy

BONUS ​NumPy Course: 8 ​Videos like this:

​Fear of missing out on data science and machine learning?

​The trend of automation is not coming to a halt soon. Machines take over more and more traditional jobs from human workers.

But also highly-skilled knowledge workers such as doctors, traditional computer scientists, teachers, and financial analysts are under the danger to be replaced by machines.

This is the era of machine learning and data science.

And missing out on data science can be the #1 most costly mistake of your career.

​But you're in luck: this ​eBook package ​gives you a fun way to start learning data science with Python. ​It gives you a thorough introduction in one of Python's most important libraries for data science and machine learning: NumPy

​​I ​have written the book on the basis of the proven method of solving practical code puzzles and practice testing -- to make learning more fun, faster, and smarter.

And here's the best thing: practice testing is scientifically proven to generate ​up to 44% better learning retention and ​efficiency.​

"Students who were quizzed after studying a short text could recall significantly more information than students who were asked to reread it" (Karpicke, 2007b)

[BONUS] NumPy Course Material

​Reading the ​textbook isn't enough? No problem. Watch the 2.5 hours mini-course for 20-70% better retention of the material.

So again what's in it for you?

  • ​Understand ​NumPy code ​quickly.
  • Learn all the basic ​NumPy concepts and data structures.
  • ​​​​Finally understand ​the most important NumPy functions and how to use them for practical problems.
  • ​Track your ​NumPy skill level exactly and compare it against other coders.
  • ​BONUS: ​Play around with all the 4​​6 code puzzles in your Jupyter Notebook.

As an additional bonus, you ​can track your individual ​NumPy coding skill level throughout the book. After reading the book, you'll know exactly how good you are in comparison to your ​friends and colleagues.

To get the most out of this book, you should ​know the basics of Python — e.g., you have already ​read ​my previous book "Coffee Break Python".

Super Easy Practice Learning

The Jupyter Notebook contains all 44 puzzles of the book. This makes learning smooth, practical, and convenient!

Want a Sneak-Peek?

​The book ​is packed with 200 pages of in-depth NumPy information. Click to enlarge the pics and read more!

​How do YOU spend your Coffee Break? NumPy!

  • ​21​1 pages of packed, in-depth NumPy content.
  • ​4​6 educative code puzzles to test your skills and to make learning easy and fun!
  • ​10 tips for efficient learning​ to help you stop wasting time!
  • ​​1 NumPy cheat sheets to learn 80% of the language features in 20% of the space!
  • ​1 accurate way to measure your coding skills because clarity is the first step to success!
  • [BONUS] 1 detailed NumPy ​tutorial for absolute beginners ​to get you started!
  • ​[BONUS MINI-COURSE] 8 in-depth video tutorials (2.5 hours) to help you digest the material easily.

​​60-​days "No-questions-asked" money back guarantee!!

​No risk for you. Do​n't like the book? Get 100% of your money back ​for as long as ​60(!) days after the purchase! (And keep the ​eBook.)

​How much does it cost you ​NOT to ​possess your high-income skill data science?

​​Start your new ​​career for only ​$29!

Contains the following ​version of the eBook (​incl. free mini-course):

"Coffee Break ​NumPy: ​A Simple Road to Data Science Mastery That Fits Into Your Busy Life"

  • 1
    ​High-resolution PDF eBook optimized for large Desktop screens
  • 2
    44 Code puzzles as ​Jupyter Notebook
  • 3
    7 Python cheat sheets incl. NumPy cheat sheet (PDF)
  • 4
    ​8 NumPy videos with more than 2 hours of content

Here's why Pepe, one of the early book readers, appreciates the "Coffee Break" way of learning to code.
Can you find the cat in the video?

Here's what an expert in the field thinks about this NumPy textbook

​Chris Cartwright

​Professional Editor and Python ​Consultant

​"Another great little Python book from Christian and his colleagues. As a practitioner in this field, I really appreciate the focus on real-world problems. I ​can see my coffee breaks will be full for some time to come!"

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