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"A great book, I've learned a lot and marked every​ knowledge gap​ ​[...] Thank you very much!"

-- Albrecht, German Workbook Reader

​How do grandmasters of chess become that way? They study thousands of chess positions​. ​They look at a chess position, ​​​commit to a solution, and compare ​​it against ​the "gold standard" -- the best move in a given position.

​This book is the chess grandmaster​ way of learning Python. It offers you 127 unique and brand-new Python puzzles. ​Every puzzle points to gaps in your knowledge, challenges you to guess a solution, and then explains potential solutions, in an easy-to-understand manner.

​An easy, fun, and extremely effective way of learning Python -- day after day -- ​in your COFFEE BREAK PYTHON!

​Burn 127 new Python patterns into your brain and rewire your synapses.

Here's what research says about puzzle-based learning:

"Students who were quizzed after studying a short text could recall significantly more information than students who were asked to reread it"

-- Karpicke, 2007, Elsevier Journal of Memory and Language

​Practice testing is scientifically proven to generate ​up to 44% better learning retention and ​efficiency.​

​​Simply put: quizzes and puzzles work! More than 100,000 Finxters and thousands of "Coffee Break Python" book customers have ​successfully improved their skills with code puzzles.

​Learning ​does not happen in a linear and orderly ​manner​. It's a probabilistic, chaotic, and iterative process of creating knowledge gaps in your brain -- and ​filling them with just the right information​ you need.

That's the premise of ​the "Coffee Break Python" textbook series.

​Here's how you will change by reading this book:

  • Improve your ​level of deep ​Python code understanding.
  • ​Surprise your peers with your newly acquired code speed reading skills.
  • Enjoy the small daily doses of intellectual challenges​ ("Sudoku for coders").
  • ​Improve your brain's working memory by hammering down the most important concepts.
  • Learn all the basic Python syntax elements.
  • Discover your own skill level by tracking your puzzle-solving performance.
  • Compare your skill level against other coders: are you a grandmaster of code?
  • ​Enjoy the fun of rushing over Python -- from "hello world" to "recursive Quicksort".
  • Get the best of all Finxter Python cheat sheets to revive 80% of the Python features in 20% of the time.
  • ​Get your dream job ​and rock future code interviews!
  • And take one step forward mastering the most popular programming language ON THE PLANET!

We Want to Help You Thrive in Python!

The promise: As you work through Coffee Break Python - Workbook, your Python expertise will grow. One coffee at a time.

​Christian Mayer

​Author Finxter.com

​​As a doctoral computer science researcher, I have taught many students in computer science, graph theory, and distributed systems. 

My passions are writing, reading, and coding. But my #1 passion is to serve you​ -- as an aspiring coder​ -- through Finxter, and help ​you boost ​your ​coding skills. 

​Zohaib Riaz

​Software Developer

​I have recently completed my doctoral research in Computer Science at the University of Stuttgart, Germany. Most of my research work involved mining of ​human location datasets using machine-learning algorithms in Python and MATLAB.

​I want to help you master difficult technical concepts​ and would love to share ​with you my knowledge and skills regarding programming and data-mining.

​Lukas Rieger

​Cloud Operations Engineer

​​After my apprenticeship as a practical ​coder, ​I studied ​software ​engineering at University of Stuttgart​ where I worked together with Christian in distributed graph processing research. For the last years, I have been working as a developer and Cloud Operations Engineer​.

I discovered my passion for teaching computer science ​as a ​coding tutor. ​With this book, I want to share with you my love for Python ​-- because of its clarity, flexibility, and ​vast range of libraries!

You will train wildly important Python topics such as

  • 1
    Arithmetic operations: integer & float division, and modular arithmetic;
  • 2
    Language elements: branching, loops, keywords, and functions;
  • 3
    Data structures: integer, float, string, list, set, and dictionary​;
  • 4
    Sequence operators: indexing, concatenation, slicing, and built-in functions;
  • 5
    Function *arguments: default *, arbitrary *, unpacking *, keyword *; and
  • 6
    Set operations: lambda, filter, map, and intersection functions.

As a bonus, you will track your individual Python coding skill level throughout the book.

This book is not only for beginners in Python. ​

​It's also for those who are already beyond ​beginner-level in Python​. For example, you ​may already have some experience with another programming language​; you may be an engineer​​; or you ​may be a computer science student. 

But if you are a coding pro, this book is still for you because it ​empowers you to prove and strengthen your true Python skill level.

​​​​The​re is truth in the ​saying: "Know ​thyself and you​ will know the universe!​"

BONUS: Puzzles as Python Scripts

​... You'll also get ​127​ Python scripts to play around with!

​Each Python puzzle in the book is ​stand​alone, which means that you can solve each puzzle independently.

You get ​127 Python code puzzles as Python scripts (​Jupyter Notebook) -- one for each Python puzzle in the eBook.

​Download the files, play with them, explore them on your own computer.

This helps you learn Python even faster!

How do you spend your Coffee Break? Python!

  • ​​127 educative code puzzles to test your skills and to make learning easy and fun!
  • ​10 tips for efficient learning​ to help you stop wasting time!
  • ​5 Python cheat sheets to learn 80% of the language features in 20% of the space!
  • ​1 accurate way to measure your coding skills because clarity is the first step to success!

​[​​​The Special ​Workbook Edition]

Buy the eBook ​"Coffee Break Python Workbook"​​ with 127 brand-new Python puzzles.​

What's the only difference between you and the person earning ​double your ​income? ... Skills!

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Contains the following three versions of the eBook "Coffee Break Python Workbook: ​127 Python Puzzle to Push You From Zero to Hero in Your Coffee Breaks"

  • 1
    ​High-resolution PDF eBook optimized for large Desktop screens
  • 1
    ​High-resolution ​ePub3 file optimized for your ebook reader

​​Your Python skills improve by ​>33%​​. Guaranteed.

​If you don’t think that the book is worth your time, you’ll get 100% of your money back ​for as long as ​60(!) days after the purchase! Just like that. And you keep the book for free​.

​Promise: If you read this book, your Python skills will measurably increase by at least 33% or it’s free.

Here is how it works: You simply ​test your skills for free at ​the online Python training platform Finxter.com before and after reading.​ Even after the 60 days, you'll get your money back if your skills didn't improve by 33%.


​I​t has some real meat to the problems. Thank you so much for doing this project! I love it!


​Python Developer


​I really enjoy the puzzles and the book, and I recommend it to my friends interested in python ☺️

​Python Student


​I have never learned so deeply!

​Python ​Student

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