​​​how to suck less in Python?

50 ​workouts to kickstart your rapid code understanding​
Coffee Break Python Book


​I​t has some real meat to the problems. Thank you so much for doing this project! I love it!


​Python Developer


​I really enjoy the puzzles and the book, and I recommend it to my friends interested in python ☺️

​Python Student


​I have never learned so deeply!

​Python ​Student

As you work through Coffee Break Python, your Python expertise will grow—one coffee at a time. You will train wildly important Python topics such as

  • 1
    Arithmetic operations: integer & float division, and modular arithmetic;
  • 2
    Language elements: branching, loops, keywords, and functions;
  • 3
    Data structures: integer, float, string, list, set, dictionary, and graph;
  • 4
    Sequence operators: indexing, concatenation, slicing, and built-in functions;
  • 5
    Function *arguments: default *, arbitrary *, unpacking *, keyword *;
  • 6
    Set operations: lambda, filter, map, and intersection functions; and
  • 7
    Algorithms: recursion, Fibonacci, Bsearch, sorting, guess & check, and graph traversal.

As a bonus, you will track your individual Python coding skill level throughout the book.

*** Ok, let's try this book!​ ***

To get the most out of this book, you should be slightly beyond beginner-level in Python—e.g., you have already experience with another programming language, are a professional engineer, or a student.

So how do you spend your Coffee Break? Python!

Coffee Break Python Book
  • ​50 educative code puzzles to test your skills and to make learning easy and fun!
  • ​10 tips for efficient learning​ to help you stop wasting time!
  • ​5 Python cheat sheets to learn 80% of the language features in 20% of the space!
  • ​1 accurate way to measure your coding skills because clarity is the first step to success!

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    ​High-resolution PDF eBook optimized for large Desktop screens
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    ​High-resolution PDF eBook optimized for mobile screens
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    ​High-resolution ePub3 eBook optimized for eBook readers

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