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Coffee Break Python Book
Coffee Break Python Slicing

​​I started to learn Python as a computer science student, in the most ineffective way you can imagine.

​What's your scarcest resource? I knew you'd say that. Time. But I didn't realize this truth back then.

So I spent ​hours and hours ​browsing the web ​to find ​a blog post, forum entry, or Reddit post that m​ight help ​​improve ​my coding skills. I was like the stupid guy who stands in line for hours to get free ice cream.

​​The longer I searched (and the more I learned), the more I realized that the web is full of crap. A person can get ​thousands of "Karma" points on Reddit by posting funny memes. But does this make them the right person to give you Python advice? I don't think so.

​Yet, this is exactly how information spreads today. Millions of ambitious coders will waste tens of millions of hours learning Python ​consuming low-quality forum content. Just thinking about the lost potential for humanity makes me sad.

​Don't get me wrong, I love ​blogging and the democratization of information. The problem is that it becomes harder for you to find the needle in the hayst​ack: how to learn more efficiently? Many so-called "Python tutorials" are really brain dumps of ​intermediate Python coders and are not ​focused on effective learning

​​As a student, I was a victim​ -- flooded by non-filtered, massive amounts of ​low-quality Python ​information. And even ​when I stumbled upon objectively correct ​information​, it was of ​poor educational ​value for me.


​Because the self-proclaimed coding teachers just did not use the solid foundations of good teaching, let alone the latest research findings ​of effective learning.

​For example, have a look at this important ​research outcome of a 2007 educational ​paper​ (highlights by me):

"Students who were quizzed after studying a short text could recall significantly more information than students who were asked to reread it" 

-- Karpicke, 2007, Elsevier Journal of Memory and Language 

​When diving into the research​, I discovered dozens such golden nuggets of smarter learning​. I realized:

​Practice testing is scientifically proven to generate ​up to 44% better learning retention and ​efficiency.​

​​Simply put: quizzes and puzzles work!

So why is nobody using it?

In fact, learning ​does not happen in a linear and orderly ​manner​. It's a probabilistic, chaotic, and iterative process of creating knowledge gaps in your brain -- and ​filling them with just the right information​ you need.

That's the premise of ​the "Coffee Break Python" textbook series.

​​​For other ​coding books, you have no way of measuring your learning progress. ​

​But ​what you don't measure, doesn't get improved! As it turns out, the reverse statement ​holds as well (even ​though it does not strictly follow from a logics point of view): what you measure, gets improved!

​Solving rated Python puzzles and quizzes ​is ​a fun way to measure your Python skills. 

It's true: ​​​​randomly ​browsing online Python tutorials is a waste of your scarcest resource​ -- ​TIME.​​

​​That's why I have created a brand-new learning system. ​Its foundation is puzzle-based learning to code, it's rooted in educational research, and it's practically proven by more than ​1,000,000 online coders on my web ​app Finxter.com.

​My students report that learning with this ​system is not only fun -- it simply works.

​​Now lean back, relax, and ​allow me to present you the information in a way that's optimized for fast learning and retention:

  • ​I ​did the digging and aggregating of the most ​practical Python information,
  • I skimmed through the newest research of educational science ​in order to present you the material in the most effective way​, and
  • ​I designed a fun way of delivering the skill of rapid code understanding directly into your brain.

And here's what you are getting out of it:

  • ​You understand Python code ​quickly
  • ​You learn all the basic Python keywords and data structures.
  • ​​​​​You finally understand ​important algorithms such as Quicksort and Fibonacci.
  • ​You track your Python skill level ​accurately and compare it against other coders
  • ​​[BONUS] You learn everything you need to know about slicing in Python

The promise: As you work through Coffee Break Python, your Python expertise will grow. One coffee at a time.

You will train wildly important Python topics such as

  • 1
    Arithmetic operations: integer & float division, and modular arithmetic;
  • 2
    Language elements: branching, loops, keywords, and functions;
  • 3
    Data structures: integer, float, string, list, set, dictionary, and graph;
  • 4
    Sequence operators: indexing, concatenation, slicing, and built-in functions;
  • 5
    Function *arguments: default *, arbitrary *, unpacking *, keyword *;
  • 6
    Set operations: lambda, filter, map, and intersection functions; and
  • 7
    Algorithms: recursion, Fibonacci, Bsearch, sorting, guess & check, and graph traversal.

As a bonus, you will track your individual Python coding skill level throughout the book.

Know ​thyself and you​ will know the universe!

Who This Book Is For?

This book is not only for beginners in Python. ​

​It's also for those who are already beyond ​beginner-level in Python. ​Does any of those apply to you? 

  • ​You ​already have some experience with another programming language.
  • ​​You're an engineer.
  • ​​You're a student of computer science.

But if you are a coding pro, this book is still for you because it empowers you to prove and strengthen your true Python skill level.

Who This Book Is NOT For?

​If you don't like Python puzzles and quizzes, this book is not for you. Period.

​Are you this guy? Stop reading now and grab any of the thousand Python books on the market.

(Seriously, don't read on.)

Take a Sneak Peek Inside The ​​Ebook

​Below are some snapshots of a few selected pages from the eBook (click to enlarge).

BONUS: Puzzles as Python Scripts

​... You'll also get 50​ Python scripts to play around with!

​Each Python puzzle in the book is ​stand​alone, which means that you can solve each puzzle independently.

You get 50 Python code puzzles as Python scripts (.py) -- one for each Python puzzle in the eBook.

​Download the files, play with them, explore them on your own computer.

This helps you learn Python even faster!

About the Author

Be a server, not a client!

​Dr. Christian Mayer, ​​Computer Scientist, Blogger, and ​Puzzle ​Fanatic

​I just finished working as a doctoral computer science researcher on distributed systems in Germany. As a researcher, I have taught many students in computer science, graph theory, and distributed systems. 

My passions are writing, reading, and coding. But my #1 passion is to serve aspiring coders through Finxter and help them to boost their skills. 

How do you spend your Coffee Break? Python!

Coffee Break Python Book
Coffee Break Python Slicing
  • 50 educative code puzzles to test your skills and to make learning easy and fun!
  • 10 tips for efficient learning​ to help you stop wasting time!
  • 5 Python cheat sheets to learn 80% of the language features in 20% of the space!
  • ​1 accurate way to measure your coding skills because clarity is the first step to success!
  • [FREE] eBook with 24 BONUS code puzzles to test your SLICING skills​ -- a critical sub-skill ​on your road to Python mastery!

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What's the only difference between you and the person earning ​double your ​income? ... Skills!

Start developing your new high-income skill "Python coding" for only $​​29​!


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Contains the following three versions of the eBook 

"Coffee Break Python: 50 Workouts to Kickstart Your Rapid Code Understanding in Python"

  • 1
    ​High-resolution PDF eBook optimized for large Desktop screens
  • 2
    ​High-resolution PDF eBook optimized for mobile screens
  • 3
    ​High-resolution ePub3 eBook optimized for eBook readers

[BONUS] Contains the following ​two versions of the eBook "Coffee Break Python: ​24 Workouts to Master Slicing in Python, Once and For All"

  • 1
    ​High-resolution PDF eBook optimized for large Desktop screens
  • 2
    ​High-resolution PDF eBook optimized for mobile screens

​​Your Python skills improve by ​>33%​​. Guaranteed.

​If you don’t think that the book is worth your time, you’ll get 100% of your money back ​for as long as ​60(!) days after the purchase! Just like that. And you keep the book for free​.

​Promise: If you read this book, your Python skills will measurably increase by at least 33% or it’s free.

Here is how it works: You simply ​test your skills for free at ​the online Python training platform Finxter.com before and after reading.​ Even after the 60 days, you'll get your money back if your skills didn't improve by 33%.

​More Testimonials

Here's why Pepe, one of the early book readers, appreciates the "Coffee Break" way of learning to code. 

(Can you find the cat in the video?)


​I​t has some real meat to the problems. Thank you so much for doing this project! I love it!


​Python Developer


​I really enjoy the puzzles and the book, and I recommend it to my friends interested in python ☺️

​Python Student


​I have never learned so deeply!

​Python ​Student

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