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Go Professional.
Object-Oriented Python.

It's true: coding 100-line toy projects for learning purposes is a waste of your time!

Fact: real-world ​Python projects comprise of thousands of lines of code.

This ​"Object-Oriented Python" course will teach you exactly how to build your new Python power-skill OOP to boost your earning potential and kickstart your collaborative coding skills - or get your money back!

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What No One Has Told You About Why You're Stuck Coding Toy Projects in Python...

I know how frustrating it is to ​keep coding tiny, unfulfilling toy projects for yourself, but never see decent results. You are probably looking at the guys who just accomplish so much with their massive Python projects. Even if they're not any different from you!

Or so you think.

The good news is: it's not your fault. You simply need to learn one of the most important skills in Python: THINKING MODULAR!

This course "Object-Oriented Python" will scale your collaborative coding potential to the next level and plug you into the real-world of divide and conquer massive code projects.

  • ​Have you avoided object-oriented ​Python programming in the past because you did not quite understand it?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the ​complex syntax (​​underscores everywhere) in class definitions? And do you struggle understanding key object orientation terminology such as "instance attributes", "inheritance", and "self"?
  • Do you feel like being left-behind in Python discussions, conference talks, and online tutorials?

You're in luck because "Object-Oriented Python" solves exactly those problems:

  • ​Finally, bust through your learning plateau, reach the next level, and see real progress (be prepared: your mates ​may ask you for your secret).
  • Learn about the 12 ​most ​critical ​object-​oriented ​programming ​concepts ​which EVERY ​coder ​must ​know! 
  • ​Get the skills necessary to work in large collaborative code projects for which object-oriented Python is critical!
  • ​Finally, be able to join Python discussions and follow advanced code examples.

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​Finxter has helped me to accelerate my level of capturing data. I'm forever grateful to Finxter.



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​I'm learning Python this semester as part of my degree and I found your way of explaining things way better than my professor's (well, at least it works for me).



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​I have never learned so deeply. You are awesome



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Object-Oriented Python Paves Your Road into Real-World Software Development

Object-Oriented Python leads you step-by-step into concepts, terminologies, and syntax of object orientation. It teaches you everything you need to know to get started working on large code projects for yourself or with others. The object-oriented way of thinking allows you to divide and conquer -- breaking up your huge software project into manageable chunks.

So that you can start to go for the big projects.

You will ​get ​detailed answers to the following questions:

  1. What is Object-Oriented Programming?
  2. What are Classes and Objects in Python?
  3. What are Attributes in Python?
  4. What are Static and Dynamic Attributes in Python?
  5. What are the 12 Most Important Terms of Object-Oriented Programming?
  6. What is the Purpose of Self in Python?
  7. What is the Purpose of Single and Double Underscore in Python: "_" vs "__"?
  8. What is Inheritance in Python?
  9. What is Overriding and Overloading?

Think of it this way: instead of focusing ​on ​teaching this and that random piece of Python information (what other courses ​do), this course ​empowers you to push towards bigger projects with real-world impact.

​Be warned: ​WITHOUT object-oriented Python, the complexity of those code projects will kill your coding pro​ductivity, ​fun, and motivation.

If you have ever wondered how to reach the next level of Python productivity, this is the course you've been waiting for.

Get Object-Oriented Python Today and You'll Receive:

  • Access to 9 "Object-Oriented Python" videos (total duration: 172 minutes) + course material (incl. bonus ​articles)
  • ​Access to my exclusive Facebook "Python Mastermind Group"
  • ​FREE ​access to "Finxter Coding Academy" with ​upcoming ​BONUS mini-courses
  • ​Ad-free ​300 ​puzzle solving (Finxter app)
  • ​Unlimited ​Python certificates (Finxter app)
  • ​2 Free Python cheat sheets.
  • ​A bullet-proof, 60-day money back guarantee.
  • ​The course eBook "Object-Oriented Python"

​Get the entire video course "object-oriented Python" ​(digital access) & start your transformation towards professional coding today!

Now available for only $39!

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​There is no risk ​for you.

  • No-questions-asked, ​60-days money back guarantee. ​
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