Python Dash Book

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We’ve just launched the first in-depth Python Plotly Dash book with the world’s #1 computer science book publisher NoStarch.

You can order Python Dash on Amazon or NoStarch directly.

Book Description

A swift and practical introduction to building interactive data visualization apps in Python, known as dashboards. You’ve seen dashboards before; think election result visualizations you can update in real time, or population maps you can filter by demographic. With the Python Dash library you’ll create analytic dashboards that present data in effective, usable, elegant ways in just a few lines of code.

The book is fast-paced and caters to those entirely new to dashboards. It will talk you through the necessary software, then get straight into building the dashboards themselves. You’ll learn the basic format of a Dash app by building a Twitter analysis dashboard that maps the number of likes certain accounts gained over time. You’ll build up skills through three more sophisticated projects. The first is a global analysis app that compares country data in three areas: the percentage of a population using the internet, percentage of parliament seats held by women, and CO2 emissions. You’ll then build an investment portfolio dashboard, and an app that allows you to visualize and explore machine learning algorithms.

In this book you will:

  • Create and run your first Dash apps
  • Use the pandas library to manipulate and analyze social media data
  • Use Git to download and build on existing apps written by the pros
  • Visualize machine learning models in your apps
  • Create and manipulate statistical and scientific charts and maps using Plotly

Dash combines several technologies to get you building dashboards quickly and efficiently. This book will do the same.

You can find the book website with many free book resources and video tutorials here:

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