Finxter Easter Egg – Can You Solve This Python Puzzle?

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Congratulations on uncovering the secret layer! Use the code SECRET50 for a 50% discount during easter. Happy Easter from all of us at Finxter!

πŸ₯š Let the Easter egg-citement begin! Guess the magic hop count – what’s the output of this code snippet?

# Easter Bunny Hop Puzzle: Guess the final hop count to find the easter promo code!

def bunny_hop(eggs):
    hops = 0
    for i in range(len(eggs) - 1):
        if eggs[i] < eggs[i + 1]:
            hops += 1
        elif eggs[i] > eggs[i + 1]:
            hops -= 1
    return hops

# Easter eggs pattern
eggs = [2, 3, 5, 1, 5, 7, 1]

# Calculate bunny hops
final_hops = bunny_hop(eggs)

# Reveal the promo code
easter_code = "EASTER" + str(final_hops)
print("The Easter Egg is:", easter_code)

The output of this code snippet is also the discount code of our special easter promo (20% OFF) for the Finxter Premium Membership. Just type in the promo code. This code expires after easter — you can test if it still works here:

PS: Somewhere on this page I have hidden another easter egg that reveals a discount code that is too crazy for our accounting department to handle. Don’t tell them. 🀫