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List of 1000 Finxter Reviews and Feedback

DateScore (1-10)Why?
28/11/2020 03:24:2810Excellent course and teaching style
28/11/2020 09:30:5810Because this email gives me a lot of useful tutorials!
28/11/2020 12:22:4610Over the last two months you have been sending me emails and I have been systematically learning to code from scratch. I have enrolled in the freelance course now and I hope to begin the upwork gig very soon. I see the the email courses are very similar to the first few videos on the course…to cut a long review short. I recommended this to my brother.
28/11/2020 12:31:1210I like it
28/11/2020 16:46:3810Content is awesome!
28/11/2020 16:49:067Modern online teaching techniques
28/11/2020 20:55:1610Very good learning material
28/11/2020 21:02:0610Great content
29/11/2020 09:41:139very interesting course
29/11/2020 13:45:0710
29/11/2020 17:48:209
29/11/2020 17:50:5110It’s a great offer.
29/11/2020 23:23:5310
30/11/2020 09:25:0910As they are giving us knowledge at free of cost
30/11/2020 09:41:318
30/11/2020 12:59:2410Good ideas in the right media.
30/11/2020 13:03:189It is useful
30/11/2020 14:04:5310
30/11/2020 15:10:099Very good information in a brief fashion.
30/11/2020 20:13:509Free and helpful courses and I like Chris that’s why.
30/11/2020 20:40:339Because you keep people focused on their dreams. Pushing them to go beyond their perceived limitations.
01/12/2020 00:21:1910
01/12/2020 02:03:057It’s free
01/12/2020 06:13:3910The tips and lessons are not overwhelming, so anyone, regardless of how much of a noob they are to python can learn easily.
01/12/2020 14:37:240Well, your emails are nice and educative but none of my friends are coders if anyone is interested I will surely send them.
01/12/2020 14:42:0510
01/12/2020 14:58:4910Good Quality reading materials . That too free.
01/12/2020 15:05:1410Easy to follow and small bits of useful content
02/12/2020 07:35:336Very good follow up via Finxter emails.
02/12/2020 08:53:4410The best way to learn is via quizzes and short, but right to the point, e-mails.
02/12/2020 10:26:408The comfortable ambience of the service coupled with the follow up emails are very concise and precise.
02/12/2020 13:57:4910But in my situation (retired) I don’t have colleagues, and my friends are far away from programming…
Anyway: Puzzles are great, explanations are great, and the greatest are Chris’ special and individual explanations, when I got stuck!
02/12/2020 19:51:048clarity and succinctness
03/12/2020 00:27:1810The explanations are clear and detailed. The depth and breath are sufficient for any serious and progressive programmer. I also found that examples used are practical and force you to think.
03/12/2020 07:28:3010Its an amazing website with BRILLIANT Cheat SHEETS
03/12/2020 07:29:4010It seems worth investing time here as a beginner. The daily free emails would keep one on toe with the Python coding skills. I like it. Looking forward to build my skills with you.
03/12/2020 18:32:4110
04/12/2020 14:27:1910Great content
04/12/2020 14:29:4410You guys have amazing content
05/12/2020 11:24:3610Is the best way for learn
05/12/2020 13:20:249Really good learning material.
06/12/2020 07:32:3410
06/12/2020 09:48:5310
06/12/2020 11:29:1310Clearness and politeness
07/12/2020 02:29:1110Very clear explanations and terrific examples.
07/12/2020 19:19:2310Muy genial con sus aportes
07/12/2020 21:51:3310I can read at my pace
08/12/2020 07:48:3810Less time but more knowledge so i recommend to everyone.
08/12/2020 08:07:359hmmm so good
08/12/2020 09:00:488I just found the site but for now I find it useful, I hope it doesn’t get annoying later (sorry but it usually happens) and I have friends that want to learn python, so I will share this with them.
08/12/2020 13:26:5510It is an understandable, friendly, and very helpful resource.
08/12/2020 21:07:5110Beautiful idea
10/12/2020 16:04:1610Free and more comprehensible
10/12/2020 20:56:5010Wide range of useful cheat sheets that cover multiple topics
11/12/2020 07:13:019When I started to learn python I was in big question where to study and it must be portable and easy English communication should be there.
so i come up with the finxter academy, it’s actually too good and I completed my basic level python with the help of it..Now, im looking forward to join in finxter freelancer course
11/12/2020 12:51:0110Quick free handy to learn, THANK YOU Sir!
11/12/2020 13:14:205One should never judge a book by just its cover.
11/12/2020 15:18:3910This is the best online course I’ve ever been a part of. It feels more like a family. Chris is a star!. I beleive every freelancer should join this course.
11/12/2020 15:50:5110Wide range of useful cheat sheets that cover multiple topics
12/12/2020 17:55:0910Super valuable and chill
12/12/2020 22:44:368Nice content Schöner Inhalt
13/12/2020 18:45:4310good place to learn python
14/12/2020 06:36:1210good
16/12/2020 08:48:3210It’s good to learn new things!
16/12/2020 15:20:377
17/12/2020 03:23:5010Easy to learn?
17/12/2020 14:40:0710it is The best web Paige to learn Python, i love your site because ITs good to learn from, and easy to use.
17/12/2020 14:45:305Much of the stuff is good and useful, but others are too “tricky” and less algorithmic, which is what I am interested in. I teach python to beginners, and the one-line solutions are never useful to me because they are too dense. They may save a bit of time but the trade off in worse readability is never worth it to me.
17/12/2020 16:00:2510This is the platform at which one always get a new fact about python and it helps a lot to dive deeper into python concepts. One of my favourite channel and respected instructor chris sir. I personally recommended this channel to my friends. Thanku so much sir for always being there and guiding us.
17/12/2020 16:51:170
18/12/2020 06:51:5410Because it is really good, interactive, and mostly, free. It is a great website to learn Python!!
18/12/2020 11:14:2010It is awesome!
18/12/2020 16:07:3210Educative
18/12/2020 21:57:4010
19/12/2020 01:05:5410A very EXCITING PROGRAM!!!! THANKS!
19/12/2020 02:34:0810Brief and clear
19/12/2020 11:25:539If you improve visuals and give example of real case scenarios to the usage of techniques thought that will be great
19/12/2020 12:39:0610
19/12/2020 15:16:1910Seus vídeos são bem explicativos e muito simples, com ótimo objetivo.
20/12/2020 19:27:148It is a good resource for those begging to learn python.
21/12/2020 07:47:5110Very Good and Offers many things related to python At no COST!!
21/12/2020 10:28:3310
21/12/2020 18:34:5210Good content
21/12/2020 19:50:2410Because it provides us a structural and an organized course.
I m looking to learn more from you
Keep up the good Job
21/12/2020 21:55:379The quizzes are great!
22/12/2020 10:58:518
23/12/2020 11:33:069Thanks for the emails
24/12/2020 01:04:4610Easy to use
24/12/2020 01:06:0610Easy to use
24/12/2020 08:25:4310Great info
24/12/2020 11:00:3510Simply awesome
24/12/2020 11:04:3110
24/12/2020 11:08:1710Hey Finxter,
You are greater than a friend for me! You helped me in improving my skills in programming during my PhD and still does!
Thanks a lot I want to learn more and more everyday! Bless you? and Merry Christmas ??
24/12/2020 11:09:4010
24/12/2020 11:10:569
24/12/2020 11:28:0010
24/12/2020 11:35:528
24/12/2020 11:36:2910You made me love programming
24/12/2020 12:32:429You keep it fun, practical, efficient, and engaging. Your bite size consistency is excellent. Also, the big doses of hopeful regarding leveling-up are believable. As a former philosophy professor, I have always had faith in humans’ ability to be lifelong learners. You are charting a path !!!
24/12/2020 13:00:4710Finxter’s training is comprehensive and doesn’t cost much.
24/12/2020 13:05:025
24/12/2020 13:17:4310Cause You are Pro!
24/12/2020 13:28:4710great teacher and resource
24/12/2020 14:00:3610It’s been a incredible learning platform.
24/12/2020 16:08:4810
24/12/2020 16:35:1610It is awesome is very portable u know, e-mail is essential application where people visit daily in that application if we have a chance to gain the knowledge from that its awesome right
24/12/2020 16:44:229
24/12/2020 16:45:2110I would recommen Finxter likely 10, but I’m retired, practising python only as a hobby and I don’t have friends or colleagus with python interest.
24/12/2020 18:49:3210
25/12/2020 06:29:499Your generosity is amazing. The information that you provide is most helpful. Thank you very much.
25/12/2020 06:33:508My first impression is, approach is really interesting. I think I will like it.
25/12/2020 15:20:509Good suggestions to improve coding skills
25/12/2020 20:55:0010So much relevant info for free, from experienced programmers.
25/12/2020 21:54:547
25/12/2020 21:59:148
26/12/2020 00:22:009This platform has helped me to improve my Python skills, so I am sure it will help others too.
26/12/2020 16:22:519Makes a complex issue easy when basics are presented thus.
27/12/2020 08:18:1610Because this is amazing and very helpful blog, i don’t meet so many useless snippets and one-liners!
27/12/2020 11:23:5310best tutorials
27/12/2020 11:49:3110
27/12/2020 23:22:1110
28/12/2020 05:55:5710
28/12/2020 11:39:5310it is good to learn
28/12/2020 13:20:3010because coding is real fun,for i will be 86 on the10/01/2021.
28/12/2020 14:27:138
28/12/2020 20:20:3310Comprehensive and accurate
29/12/2020 08:50:089Nice platform to learn quick
29/12/2020 09:21:5310
29/12/2020 10:45:438So that they can benefit from your helpful information
30/12/2020 12:40:4910Short, compact updating of skills
30/12/2020 19:03:110spam city
31/12/2020 11:50:439Thanks
31/12/2020 15:27:2010it’s funny 😀
31/12/2020 16:10:179c
31/12/2020 16:10:3410Teaching method & (most importantly) teacher’s enthusiasm.
31/12/2020 17:16:1910Encuentro que tiene muchas aplicaciones muy prácticas y amigables en el uso cotidiano.
31/12/2020 17:20:5810The courses and articles are very useful, interesting and relevant
31/12/2020 18:17:4310Mainly because of Chris’ approach to teaching those interested in programming
01/01/2021 12:03:328All the content from you is good but at times your emails become too much(some with the same content)
01/01/2021 13:21:358
01/01/2021 15:19:1410
02/01/2021 01:59:0510good stuff
02/01/2021 02:04:038
02/01/2021 09:26:0410Very concise and user-friendly
02/01/2021 10:16:489
02/01/2021 10:35:127
02/01/2021 15:06:419Because you are a good programmer friend!
02/01/2021 17:21:3110
03/01/2021 07:45:5010Really helped to measure our skills
03/01/2021 12:55:479
03/01/2021 12:55:579
04/01/2021 08:12:2010It helped me alot to get alot better in my skills and the content is precise and upto the point
05/01/2021 00:04:2810Shows genuine interest in sharing advanced knowledge and experience in Python coding, with many options and resources. I’m particularly enjoying the puzzles and the Python One-Liners book.
05/01/2021 06:21:2010Has simplified Python knowledge
05/01/2021 08:35:048very helpful emails
05/01/2021 10:35:5410It is very inspiring and fun!
05/01/2021 15:14:1710Perfect
05/01/2021 20:08:5810
05/01/2021 20:38:5110
06/01/2021 03:55:248I’m still rather new to the site but up until now I find your method of teaching very user-friendly and effective.
06/01/2021 23:36:0510
07/01/2021 02:49:357
07/01/2021 11:22:189The more I use your resources the more I like them!
07/01/2021 11:43:3710This is one of the channels very close to me , full me with lots of enthusiasm and energy to learn python. Are really want to learn python , Finxter is only for you?..???. My fvrt lines to my friends…?.
07/01/2021 12:59:5610
07/01/2021 13:03:518
07/01/2021 15:27:0310Christian has great enthusiasm and energy for Python!
07/01/2021 15:48:1010Can you please start a course on Python in Django and Python in ML.
It might be very helpful
See you
07/01/2021 17:36:4210So much great information — thank you!!!
08/01/2021 17:13:499Very Informative Information.
08/01/2021 17:26:057good stuff, well-delivered
08/01/2021 23:14:4210Why not?
09/01/2021 14:37:2510Because Finxter helps an individual to develope skills of coding in a great manner. It’s enjoyable to work and learn with finxter, that’s why I’ll recommend anyone who want to improve their coding skills and to do great things to work with finxter!!!!
09/01/2021 14:38:3910So easily.
09/01/2021 15:33:489
10/01/2021 13:17:529explains the concepts so well and so very forthcoming with teaching and enhancing python
11/01/2021 03:21:418
11/01/2021 05:33:178alot of good free content
11/01/2021 19:48:1610
11/01/2021 22:05:486Good explanation; but too soon yet
12/01/2021 21:45:0510Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Thank You.
13/01/2021 15:24:559It’s great
13/01/2021 15:25:099It’s great
14/01/2021 11:17:3310concise and clear information
14/01/2021 12:09:289
14/01/2021 13:36:432
14/01/2021 15:14:0210Good value for time spent. Provides excellent Python coding resources.
14/01/2021 15:14:3310Good value for time spent. Provides excellent Python coding resources.
14/01/2021 19:08:1210
14/01/2021 21:59:057I am ok with your service, thank you, but it is early days and I am still evaluating.
14/01/2021 23:56:1310The focus is on learning the 20% that makes up the 80% of the language
14/01/2021 23:56:3510Your kindness, generosity to share knowledge and encouragement speak volumes. I am a super beginner and I do not feel turned off or turned away, rather invited and welcomed to join the Python family and change my career path.
15/01/2021 09:02:1010This is very informative and best way to learn Python programming language, I really appreciate your work.

16/01/2021 05:02:0510
17/01/2021 02:00:5510Your emails combined with the finxter desktop app are amazing I have adhd and have always struggled to learn through these methods I have learned so much over the last two months that it is why I have already referred to people
17/01/2021 14:06:277good materials
17/01/2021 17:55:065
17/01/2021 21:38:490Emails are too… Too intrusive. Not a friendly start. And the title name of the email (Chris | Finxter) makes you think it is a friend for a moment. T
18/01/2021 11:34:322Too much advertising Mails
19/01/2021 14:01:228Lots of progamming information!
20/01/2021 18:49:2510
20/01/2021 20:45:2610I was overwhelmed by free Python materials 😀
21/01/2021 02:51:1710The questions are beautifully formatted and they are sent on time.. the answers are quite unorthodox and very easy to red.. the quizzes are pretty fun to solve at your level and the best thing is that 90% of this email course is free!!
21/01/2021 08:43:2210
21/01/2021 15:23:0310
21/01/2021 16:46:509
21/01/2021 20:15:418
22/01/2021 06:34:4010
22/01/2021 20:21:1710Love the content!
22/01/2021 20:54:3610Finxter has made a believer out of me
22/01/2021 21:20:1710Like your article on ‘flow’ your topics are focused, with practical examples
22/01/2021 22:24:2910the regular emails on varied but relevant subjects are great and keep me engaged
23/01/2021 00:12:0010
23/01/2021 09:52:499Excellent presentations, superb support, enthusiasm !
23/01/2021 12:38:4710Because finxter is not only supply with knowledge, it provide various ways that can help an individual to be a great coder. And in terms of giving tips, finxter is much greater.
23/01/2021 12:53:515At the moment I have not enough information to know is good or not
24/01/2021 11:08:5910I love you guys
24/01/2021 11:09:1710I love you guys
24/01/2021 20:32:2810Great value already and I was looking exactly for something like this
26/01/2021 00:53:4710
26/01/2021 11:30:1310You’re good…if you give me your freelancer course for me then I’ll try my best to publicize your website
26/01/2021 16:17:059Awesome job?
26/01/2021 17:50:3010constant effort in putting out good things out on Python 🙂
26/01/2021 17:53:0410It has really boosted my confidence as an intermediate programmer and the genius behind all this, Mr. Christian Mayer is one of the most legendary and iconic teachers who is solely devoted to building a world of genius minds. His response to all our doubts with high enthusiasm displays his high morals and shows what a true teacher should be.
26/01/2021 19:07:169Great Content
26/01/2021 20:12:2610Really helpful info presented clearly, cheers ?
26/01/2021 20:15:0010Intuitive learning !!!
26/01/2021 20:20:5010Great learning experience
26/01/2021 21:45:509Till now, your side seems to be very responsive and good, plus its free.
I don’t get such good deals so easily due to bad economical conditions, so I am likely to stick with it and suggest it to anyone who asks for a place to learn programming.
The effort in customizing everything really works here…
27/01/2021 07:45:028
27/01/2021 10:06:3810Because I like your approach to learning process , not only Python and think this it’s great
27/01/2021 14:17:0610Quality and simplicity
27/01/2021 20:12:525Just heard about this
28/01/2021 03:27:1410Easy to follow (clear explanations) and kinda fun
28/01/2021 12:27:557
28/01/2021 17:17:1510Because i learned many in few days
28/01/2021 18:54:388
29/01/2021 06:22:5110Good tutorials with concise amazing service
29/01/2021 19:17:318I like the learning by doing approach
29/01/2021 22:48:430My friends are idiots and dont care about computers. Yall are great though
30/01/2021 10:33:5710The Pareto Principle applied to programming
30/01/2021 15:19:4710
30/01/2021 23:25:2810clear message, encouraging speaker, and nicely laid out web materials, thank you!
31/01/2021 06:34:2310
31/01/2021 06:52:007Am still learning here
31/01/2021 07:54:0510I am getting help to read my choice technology that is Python.
31/01/2021 08:25:417If I had friends interested in code.
31/01/2021 11:37:3010Very easy to understand
31/01/2021 13:03:1910
31/01/2021 19:00:0410simply ausgezeichnet, total fantatisch, vielen dank!
31/01/2021 19:00:3910sehr vielen dank, sehr hilfsreich (helpful?)
31/01/2021 20:12:4410It makes it easy!
01/02/2021 05:51:0010I love Dr. Christian Mayer
01/02/2021 07:37:459It is really good, but your jokes suck
01/02/2021 18:24:4310Lots of great info here.
04/02/2021 03:47:540
04/02/2021 09:15:4210Because i like cheatsheets, questions, it keeps me in the programming mood… I gotta print them and tape them on my walls!
04/02/2021 09:23:4910Provides useful and handy tips to master Python.
04/02/2021 10:19:357
04/02/2021 16:13:588
04/02/2021 17:02:5110My friends, colleagues, and people I wish well would find it very useful
04/02/2021 19:32:459
05/02/2021 22:10:0010Very clear approach to programming
06/02/2021 06:37:2410Excellent information
06/02/2021 12:46:3310
06/02/2021 15:17:379Very accurate and efficient in delivering its said service.
06/02/2021 16:05:2410iTS VERY USER FRIENDLY.
06/02/2021 20:00:2410
07/02/2021 14:04:5410
07/02/2021 17:10:465I am still figuring out the logic of your website
07/02/2021 17:16:3010
07/02/2021 17:22:2210
07/02/2021 17:26:059I am still exploring it, but it seems very authentic!
07/02/2021 17:46:3310Comprehensive, easy to understand and lot of fun. Regards, Rupert.
07/02/2021 17:49:5010
07/02/2021 18:06:4310
07/02/2021 18:08:2210
07/02/2021 19:26:198Your writings are clear and honest – no fluff and releveant to me
07/02/2021 19:46:4010I like the varied advice and tips for Python. Thank you!
07/02/2021 19:51:2610
07/02/2021 20:24:419Course material is good. Gamins concept keeps interest. Would like some Business App projects
07/02/2021 20:39:3010
07/02/2021 20:49:0110your teaching a poor person with a sixth grade education for free and I am thankful
07/02/2021 21:36:5210Very intuitive and simple ways to learn Python
07/02/2021 21:51:3110
08/02/2021 05:30:2410A lot of necessary and well-organized information, the presence of feedback.
08/02/2021 14:44:5110Content is very informative, intriguing and crisp.
08/02/2021 15:39:0710i love cheat sheets that you provide …
08/02/2021 17:34:1410Simply the best resource for continued Python coding learning I’ve found so far.
08/02/2021 19:39:0310Thank you for your kind devotion and passion to help!
08/02/2021 20:04:1610
09/02/2021 04:48:5110For just friendship
09/02/2021 06:09:3910selfless give useful info
09/02/2021 13:24:0510
09/02/2021 17:14:5210
10/02/2021 12:18:428Its simple and easy
10/02/2021 12:19:068Its simple and easy
10/02/2021 16:04:4610immer was interssant und/oder wichtig gibt’s. Echt wertvoll und hilfsreich! Besonders gut fuer Anfaenger/Beginners. Danke and thank you!
10/02/2021 16:23:2910Very helpful
11/02/2021 04:03:558
11/02/2021 10:00:0910
11/02/2021 19:38:4510
12/02/2021 08:47:3410You are great! I learned programming on my C64 when I was a kid, but stopped during my studies to become a lawyer. Found your site and restarted, wrote my first little script in python to automate some stuff – great, you are doing really a good job!
12/02/2021 09:05:0310
12/02/2021 12:54:0610It’s just so simply explained and helpful!
12/02/2021 12:55:4410
12/02/2021 12:56:0910I love the puzzles you create for us to understand coding?
12/02/2021 12:59:079Personalised input is sweet,) and filled with appropriate informations. Great!,)
12/02/2021 13:08:4610learning by solving puzzles is best
12/02/2021 13:09:1210Very interactive , inspiring and wonderful way of learning to code. Really loved it!
12/02/2021 13:12:5910
12/02/2021 13:35:2910i like it very much
12/02/2021 13:38:5210Great tutorials that are thought provoking and fun. Chunking it into achievable blocks makes it a lot more approachable for new coders. Great work!
12/02/2021 13:52:4010Great. Thanks
12/02/2021 14:00:3610
12/02/2021 14:01:409It’s great fun !!
12/02/2021 14:06:169
12/02/2021 15:21:4710It’s really impressive and I liked it so far.
12/02/2021 16:14:4610
12/02/2021 17:14:1910Gruesstig aus Chicago, Chris! Dein “sorry” war, glaube ich, total nicht noetig ABER super “nice touch” und total “top-shelf” von dir. Ich bin/war beindruckt and dankbar. So, schon vergessen (vergossen?) und weiter geht’s vor! :–) Patrick
12/02/2021 17:39:1410
12/02/2021 17:41:0710
12/02/2021 18:03:0610
12/02/2021 18:21:349
12/02/2021 18:27:4910He´s always searching for new material to send us, so we can improve.
Also, when you send him a mail, he answer you.
Thanks a lot!!
12/02/2021 19:26:2710
12/02/2021 19:55:3210
12/02/2021 20:07:137Different approach.
13/02/2021 00:52:5910Its simple and easy to learn.
13/02/2021 01:30:149Coding is like playing chess with Murphy…
13/02/2021 07:59:0210Because your teaching method is really awesome. And a master can show someone the way to mastery- it’s my belief. Thanks!
14/02/2021 13:24:0410Interesting content
15/02/2021 12:08:489No fluff, you are right to the point, and provided very clear explanation. Highly recommended
16/02/2021 16:12:3010asdfsdf
17/02/2021 05:23:470I have no friends!
17/02/2021 13:52:199
18/02/2021 01:54:0310
18/02/2021 11:13:0910Easy to digest byte sized lessons to feed to the beginners the clear way
18/02/2021 20:34:0710You are always sending me stuff so my interest is peaked on a daily basis. I am transitioning from php to python and learning lots of stuff
18/02/2021 20:35:299Useful Python tutorials
18/02/2021 21:27:0210you are very good for motivating people to start learning new things
18/02/2021 21:49:4810cool and serious
18/02/2021 22:03:3210
18/02/2021 23:12:5110Just keep receiving great tools and insight.
19/02/2021 10:31:4310it is very useful for programming
19/02/2021 14:05:4110Right level of detail without excessive length
20/02/2021 00:39:1910
20/02/2021 03:21:3810Your providing a service to the public to better it .
20/02/2021 07:28:098useful contents and easy to follow. Perhaps can remove the mouse clicking sound on video as it was a bit distracting personally.
21/02/2021 14:46:5710Its amazing!!
21/02/2021 17:47:1910
21/02/2021 21:04:543Too many emails
22/02/2021 11:18:249
22/02/2021 11:18:369
23/02/2021 13:16:108easy and efficient
23/02/2021 17:03:486It’s new to me and I like to share
23/02/2021 21:18:2210The resources are broad but pitched well and its not a ‘dry’ approach to learning – excellent!
23/02/2021 21:49:026It’s new to me and I like to share
24/02/2021 09:51:2310You give away cool stuff for FREE
25/02/2021 04:01:518clear information, easy to use, useful content
25/02/2021 16:20:1210Well yall friendly and helpful
25/02/2021 18:17:1010Your emails inspire me
25/02/2021 18:54:2210The day they join finxter community , they understand the reason by their own, it is the actual paradise in the earth for pythonists.The content they provide and the hardwork they do is commendable. Millions hats off to it. Hard work behind YouTube videos by sir motivates me alot and make me achieve the one i never thought off. It’s not easy to do that much for community without the greed of money ,that’s the real passion and devotion and this is the reason i want finxter community to be immortal and must reach billions of students. Thank-you so much for all of this.
25/02/2021 19:43:2710Excellent and well organized information using the pareto principle to attack the most useful parts first.
26/02/2021 00:37:0810Love the attitude of balance in life. Also the free help you give us beginners. I want to do this once I get to be a great coder.
26/02/2021 00:58:3310great range of python info from beginner to expert. I have tried other basic python courses and self study. However I find this course material easier to follow and is more useful than other courses. The cheat sheets have been very helpful and I know I’ll refer to them often. Looking forward to completing more puzzles and receiving more info. Please keep up the great work Chris!
26/02/2021 07:07:2510I love the authors passion and zest for life and programming. I find it inspiring.
26/02/2021 11:28:228It seems well organised!
26/02/2021 16:11:205I have just started
26/02/2021 18:20:2110
27/02/2021 13:15:4210
27/02/2021 18:11:058Lots of good hints and info.
27/02/2021 18:40:3110It’s practical and more on excercise based with content and video
27/02/2021 22:18:3910As i am a beginner it is difficult to understand concepts at first learn but Finxter makes it easier and fun for learning and understanding concepts.Cheat codes are crisp and clear so it is easy to learn and the puzzle training tracks how much knowledge a person has in python domain. As i said i m a beginner for python programming as well as finxter i only got cheat codes and did a little puzzle training.I hope in future it will be more helpful and useful that too at free of cost.
Thank you
28/02/2021 10:51:3510Bcz he help me a lot
28/02/2021 15:52:448cheat sheets are very handy; but the downloadable books (coffee break) , which was freely available when I signed up, is still not accessible
28/02/2021 15:57:308Very useful information.
28/02/2021 17:03:469Easy to digest
28/02/2021 22:48:0710Love the content!
01/03/2021 02:45:0010why not
01/03/2021 02:45:3110Immer interresant und wichtig (echt eine sonder Angebot, Christian!)
01/03/2021 09:07:2610You are active, honest and you have ambition to change the world
01/03/2021 12:23:0410The emails and articles seems interesting and the information is legit so far I can tell.
01/03/2021 17:03:059Great tutorials
01/03/2021 17:05:5610very helphul
01/03/2021 22:43:0310
01/03/2021 23:14:5910
02/03/2021 06:34:1710Easier injectable information ????
02/03/2021 06:42:1610
02/03/2021 06:42:2010
02/03/2021 08:45:226
02/03/2021 10:21:287
02/03/2021 11:18:1610It’s satisfying! thank you very much!!
02/03/2021 20:55:268Condensed and on point!
03/03/2021 18:14:0510
03/03/2021 20:13:399it makes sense, it’s free, it’s short
03/03/2021 20:36:0610very helpful
03/03/2021 21:42:5210it already seems like its beginner friendly and as as beginner in python I really appreciate that you guys took the time to make like so.
04/03/2021 12:24:0010
04/03/2021 17:05:2310Contents are perfect and crisp !
04/03/2021 17:44:5910Every day you send me an email and my skills are progressing nicely. Thank you!
04/03/2021 18:00:0710OK, I have to register for the $189 course or SOMETHING! I can’t keep “taking” this info without reimbursing/paying you somehow. It’s too valuable. Yes, I understand, that you want to give it away because you like it but it is worth money to me. Thank you. Patrick
04/03/2021 18:31:4810Great tools and tutorials built around interesting content. Especially like the puzzles!
04/03/2021 21:04:1310
05/03/2021 04:10:428Very handy and not difficult to follow
05/03/2021 05:35:5610it is very informative, interesting, simple to follow along and understand.
05/03/2021 13:29:358Continuous learning from cheat sheets, it’s not too complex but it understandable.
05/03/2021 19:28:1810Your English fluency to explain functions and side-effects are wonderful.
05/03/2021 21:47:399Clear concise and simplicity
06/03/2021 00:21:1910
06/03/2021 00:53:427Because of frequent emails to improve knowledge
06/03/2021 05:28:1410Your explanations are the clearest I have heard.
06/03/2021 14:47:439it is good for beginners
06/03/2021 14:52:019it is good for beginners
06/03/2021 14:52:039it is good for beginners
06/03/2021 18:07:3610consistently good, useful material!
06/03/2021 21:59:4410I’ve already recommended Finxter to my software developer cohort. The daily puzzles keep me fresh and that the youtube tutorials clearly explain the concepts.
07/03/2021 04:57:297great stuff
07/03/2021 07:31:1510Your emails are very dense and packed with information which is extremely helpful. I also end up always learning something new with the emails
07/03/2021 11:58:329Usefull basic and more complicated stuff daily. Easy to digest
07/03/2021 17:35:139So funny and successfully 🙂
08/03/2021 06:17:139It’s the best self paced resource to keep adding expertise on self contained chunks that can be tackled within small amounts of spare time. You almost don’t realize how much you are learning through small in rental steps.
08/03/2021 06:43:5010
08/03/2021 06:44:1510
08/03/2021 06:55:2210
08/03/2021 17:40:4710You are helping me refresh my coding skills.
09/03/2021 11:43:5510
09/03/2021 18:32:3510you are so good
09/03/2021 20:08:4110
09/03/2021 21:56:1910
10/03/2021 11:17:2510
10/03/2021 18:06:2110I found it very informative and not hard to study
10/03/2021 20:14:2110
11/03/2021 06:02:2510Very clear & simple. Love it
11/03/2021 11:13:3110
11/03/2021 16:06:0510
11/03/2021 16:35:1210I like the content and get to learn something everytime
11/03/2021 18:43:4910Usefull and nice written
11/03/2021 21:10:0210Focused at the learning experience of people, catch the attention !!
12/03/2021 10:40:1910
12/03/2021 11:48:4710Finxter has been very has helped me improve my skills
12/03/2021 18:16:4710Great lessons, easy to understand!
13/03/2021 04:11:3410It’s user friendly and teaching step by step in deeper concepts with detailed explanation with examples
13/03/2021 18:51:5910
14/03/2021 21:08:3610I absolutely LOVE this program!!!
14/03/2021 23:57:018so far looks good
14/03/2021 23:57:437
15/03/2021 11:16:236No insides
15/03/2021 15:15:4710Good bite-sized learning
15/03/2021 17:56:3410Clear explanations and snippets of useful code
16/03/2021 10:46:018So far so good
16/03/2021 18:50:1510
16/03/2021 23:46:093Não conheço muito !
17/03/2021 10:13:347puzzles help me learn and are very fun but i would also like to learn how to code from scratch
17/03/2021 16:57:1410Very clear examples
17/03/2021 19:43:125I’m having some issues trying to print your cheat sheets as they are formatted wrong for A4 print out, I have emailed admin and am awaiting a reply. I am otherwise still assessing finxter
17/03/2021 22:56:0910Just watched your output ‘format’ video. Well done!!
18/03/2021 15:47:046I’m slowly getting organised I clicked the links in the books I bought and have been bombarded with info that I am trying to get my head around, if I recommend this to friends I’d have to tell them what links to click, Your cheat sheets don’t print properly by the way
18/03/2021 15:48:1010Great material, as always, Christian. Thank you! Cold and rainy here in Chicago. Patrick
18/03/2021 16:05:0510
18/03/2021 16:12:295I’m having problems when typing instructions If I make a mistake i’m nit being allowed to edit it and am getting a bit frustrated
19/03/2021 07:18:5910
19/03/2021 11:47:3710
19/03/2021 12:54:5910
19/03/2021 14:59:580i dont want to receive more emails
19/03/2021 17:40:4110great
20/03/2021 15:36:1910Clear explanation
21/03/2021 06:02:329
21/03/2021 07:15:2010great material and strong encouragement
21/03/2021 22:40:4010
22/03/2021 14:42:0910This is exactly what I need to feel more comfortable working with csv files. Thank you
23/03/2021 13:21:179Really good to learn.
23/03/2021 15:07:5710
23/03/2021 15:08:1110
25/03/2021 17:51:2110I new to coding would love to help my friends who are also into coding as much as i am.
25/03/2021 23:29:1010Finxter Chris Mayer continually provides great help, great info, great inspiration!
25/03/2021 23:31:438
25/03/2021 23:43:279Pythonic variety for starters
26/03/2021 07:44:2910Insanely great
26/03/2021 09:37:229A 9 because there is always room for improvement to make coding easier to understand and apply.
26/03/2021 13:43:1110Chris answers ALL the questions you may have. Excellent teaching abilities!
26/03/2021 15:22:4810Inspiring
26/03/2021 16:43:1010
26/03/2021 21:11:573Cheat sheets are great but videos are too long, slow, and drawn out. You need to speak more clearly, louder (I always have to crank volume all the way up to hear you), and more concisely. I have watched many other tutorials that cover twice the content in half the time.
27/03/2021 06:40:5310You are such an unselfish beacon of knowledge.
27/03/2021 15:46:2910
27/03/2021 22:01:4310
29/03/2021 12:13:518nice idea of having a class via mail
29/03/2021 20:27:1410clear explanations
30/03/2021 17:39:4710I personally want to take the course but for going through the free stuff before I enroll
31/03/2021 01:07:0110Pushes you in the right direction
31/03/2021 06:19:2510
31/03/2021 08:51:436I like your service very much, but there are just too many mails. Once a week should be enough for many people. I suggest you at least make it possible to adjust the frequency of your newsletter instead of leaving me with the decision to be bombarded with mails or get none at all.
31/03/2021 15:01:2710Timely, relavant information
31/03/2021 18:18:3510Its cool
31/03/2021 21:17:4410he’s a one man show that’s doing what we all wish we could
31/03/2021 22:21:0310Very informative. Easy to understand.
01/04/2021 08:14:538
01/04/2021 11:52:2610We wont get anything like this for free, its really a great job to provide free course through mails.after looking at this I felt like this was more than enough for any learner to become a master. Thankyou
01/04/2021 19:03:5710I have 10 years experience coding in php, but am learning more here than I ever knew
01/04/2021 19:11:326I think it is to much talk about list, an to little about computing
02/04/2021 01:10:5110I am rediscovering my ability to become a great coder at the age of 65
02/04/2021 03:11:2010Interactive and educational
02/04/2021 06:50:1410
02/04/2021 07:36:556Accommodating for starters, although my friends mainly use Java instead of Python
02/04/2021 12:46:3810
02/04/2021 13:13:198
02/04/2021 18:33:0610
03/04/2021 05:21:303I don’t have any friends or colleagues interested in coding, but I might because of the interesting thoughts on collective intelligence.
03/04/2021 07:49:4910
03/04/2021 14:42:038
03/04/2021 19:08:4410
03/04/2021 20:00:0310
04/04/2021 05:09:0610Your content is so valuable and interesting. Thank you so much!!
04/04/2021 12:22:370Stop spamming
04/04/2021 13:07:007Nice to read and enough interesting items to learn for me as hobbyist.
Disadvantage too much advertisement with accent on “job hunting”
05/04/2021 01:26:209Well organized
05/04/2021 11:47:128
05/04/2021 16:57:0510
05/04/2021 18:14:2410I’m finding the videos very informative
05/04/2021 22:56:2710
06/04/2021 21:47:2810The structure of the blog, cheat sheets, and the willingness to helping others is commendable and deserves all support.
07/04/2021 01:24:2010great learning ! fun way
07/04/2021 05:50:2510For me Finxter is very original plataform of learning coding
07/04/2021 11:29:318Finxter offers a great learning experience. (Would be 10). I just give it 8 because the likelihood of actually recommending Finxter/python is in my case small as I’m a Vert private person
07/04/2021 13:57:4210this is great
08/04/2021 00:21:5710
08/04/2021 11:42:1110Brevity is the sister of talent!
08/04/2021 14:49:489very well explained contents
08/04/2021 18:36:5610
08/04/2021 19:03:3110
08/04/2021 19:33:2210What ever his efforts to develop himself in python Finxter will boost that.
08/04/2021 19:33:5910
08/04/2021 19:46:0410It’s educational along with building skills and by making coding easy too ?
08/04/2021 20:25:3410
08/04/2021 20:42:1410It’s cool
08/04/2021 22:55:0810
09/04/2021 06:54:3710Because it’s one of the best python courses around, taught in a lively manner and broken down to ensure maximum understanding of the language. Very effective.
09/04/2021 18:30:0910
10/04/2021 01:11:1410?☝️
10/04/2021 05:46:498
10/04/2021 15:25:2210Hi from Chicago, Christian! Thank you for providing the video support to the 1st email, the one where you are extracting employee salaries GT than 100K. That’s great that you have a piano in your home for your brother to play (on). We grew up with that as well, I’m hopeless, can’t play at all. My sister lives in San Francisco so I don’t get to see her very often. Tschuess, Patrick
10/04/2021 21:53:1610Informative, concise, energetic, positive energy.
11/04/2021 10:05:0910
12/04/2021 09:08:5310Its free and its awesome, why else?
12/04/2021 10:22:4110Excellent
12/04/2021 14:04:557Regular updates and learning materials are appreciated
12/04/2021 15:44:4110
12/04/2021 16:54:5010Easy, great information, free!
13/04/2021 12:49:0910I’m overwhelmed by the amount of video tutorials and information that’s available on the finxter blog
13/04/2021 17:58:400Promised lessons are not given
13/04/2021 22:10:1710easy to use.
14/04/2021 07:33:3510
14/04/2021 20:24:4710
15/04/2021 17:22:121
15/04/2021 19:02:4210
15/04/2021 19:03:1310
15/04/2021 20:21:4610Helpful information, looking forward to changing my life.
15/04/2021 23:08:2210I love the way this tutorial teaches in little increments. Best one i have found.
15/04/2021 23:28:157
15/04/2021 23:28:287
16/04/2021 14:48:159
16/04/2021 15:52:295
17/04/2021 03:57:2210Very helpful!
17/04/2021 07:32:5510You have helped me over come my fears about being able to become a successful programmer. I will more seriously pursue this, once I complete my undergrad this April, and increase my dedication to the materials. I am enthusiastic to work harder and definitely will recommend finxter to anyone I come across who wants to learn coding! Keep it up. You are someone who is actually making the world a better place. Thank you.
17/04/2021 14:15:079clear and interesting content
17/04/2021 15:21:259Easily accessible
17/04/2021 20:51:258
18/04/2021 11:52:4410It is awesome.
18/04/2021 13:02:2310
18/04/2021 14:32:1910Is a fine for me!!!
18/04/2021 18:20:5710
19/04/2021 09:54:4010The courses provided are very informative, not overwhelming and it’s a great way to get started with python especially for beginners like myself
19/04/2021 15:23:3210Good Content
20/04/2021 05:07:4910Emails have kept me focus and on track. The book is informative and enjoyable to read.
20/04/2021 06:03:068Easy and understandable, allows efficient self-paced learning
20/04/2021 19:10:5110
20/04/2021 19:11:0110
20/04/2021 21:59:538I think the methodology is very interesting.
21/04/2021 02:53:4810Bc you simplify things. Simple is better
21/04/2021 12:21:5910
21/04/2021 12:29:0210
21/04/2021 15:17:168Python is being explained in a easy to understand manor.
22/04/2021 19:17:2410
22/04/2021 19:34:1210
22/04/2021 19:56:208
22/04/2021 21:10:499I like the puzzles = great way to learn
23/04/2021 03:05:1910Lots of useful information and advice
24/04/2021 04:40:3410
24/04/2021 15:10:379
25/04/2021 02:16:2210This is a real course where Chris wants to see his students succeed. He tries to connect with them and goes well beyond just trying to get them to hand over money. He builds a relationship and drills in the skills necessary for a career as a Python Developer
25/04/2021 04:52:2410
25/04/2021 17:28:348Good information. Expands on information taught in python courses.
25/04/2021 21:23:5110You have made my transition from a php coder to a python coder a lot easier than I thought it would be. Still need to learn more, but I feel I’m understanding things a lot better now than I did 2 months ago.
27/04/2021 00:49:2810This is a real course where Chris wants to see his students succeed. He tries to connect with them and goes well beyond just trying to get them to hand over money. He builds a relationship and drills in the skills necessary for a career as a Python Developer
27/04/2021 16:23:2410I think there’s something for everyone
28/04/2021 19:06:5110Hi Chris, Thank you for implementing the challenges. Much appreciated. Kat
29/04/2021 04:56:0810
29/04/2021 14:06:1610So Cool
29/04/2021 18:17:2910Hits the mark. I’ve been a programmer since I was 12. Now I’m 55 and just started in python a few months ago after a 25 year break. Your outlook towards programming is very true and I really enjoyed this email.
29/04/2021 18:46:5910Your work is so professional
30/04/2021 03:28:0310
30/04/2021 05:47:158useful, practical information
30/04/2021 14:50:2510Very helpful content
30/04/2021 19:41:2210Excellent python resources
30/04/2021 22:15:0310Well explained
01/05/2021 03:04:328
02/05/2021 00:37:438Find it very useful and encouraging myself.
02/05/2021 03:29:269
02/05/2021 03:31:3610Well thought out presentation of material in reasonable bites
02/05/2021 18:03:3610Learning Python to build algo trading robots. Friends ar professional traders but don’t use algos yet. They will when they learn Python and C++ through Cython like i’ve been telling them to.
03/05/2021 04:00:009
03/05/2021 17:24:3910First, it’s free. Second, it’s actually good. Free doesn’t always mean good, or quality; but in this case it’s really good and also a concept I’ve never seen before (email academy). Keep it up and thanks.
03/05/2021 20:24:1310
03/05/2021 23:59:018
04/05/2021 18:22:578Tons of cool information
04/05/2021 20:40:342The quizzes on the website are cool, the cheatsheets aren’t bad, but the mailing list is complete garbage. It looks like badly written spam.
05/05/2021 01:31:5210
05/05/2021 04:52:578I still find FreeCodeCamp to be more engaging since they have a mobile application and certification program

But, you’re focused on Python in depth and that what’s unique about your academy
05/05/2021 14:51:5610great
05/05/2021 20:10:5910
06/05/2021 12:11:2710Very clear and effective explanations. Thanks!!
06/05/2021 18:25:5610
07/05/2021 02:17:0810I like to the step by step guide and my favourite cheat sheets
07/05/2021 21:55:5910
08/05/2021 11:21:4910There’s more to life than just being average.
09/05/2021 23:53:3110Very nice
10/05/2021 12:00:258
11/05/2021 12:05:2210The free courses are awesome and informative
12/05/2021 14:00:5910Very good and thought out communications.
12/05/2021 14:41:0010
12/05/2021 15:35:1510Your approach seems to be very conducive to greatly jumpstarting the skill set new python programmers.
12/05/2021 17:21:4010relevant
12/05/2021 17:43:3910
13/05/2021 00:51:2910its helpful and it lets you learn a proggraming language for free
13/05/2021 12:24:3210Good information presented well
13/05/2021 14:13:398
13/05/2021 19:00:2810Courses and material offered go above and beyond at making sure it covers all necessary information needed to be successful. The follow up emails and free course material and extra worksheets are tailored to expand that knowledge just learned and are helping ensure all based are covered so you have the know-how and tools exceed your own expectations.
14/05/2021 12:12:0310
14/05/2021 13:33:589Finxter (Christian Mayer) keeps giving … and giving … and giving.
14/05/2021 14:18:3110
14/05/2021 15:55:109Helpful, structured and concise information
14/05/2021 17:17:4510Relevant content 🙂
14/05/2021 18:05:0210Helpful, easy to understand and funny
14/05/2021 21:24:2510You help me a lot.thanks
15/05/2021 01:31:509great source of information and examples for a Python beginner
15/05/2021 17:13:2410
16/05/2021 18:52:030
16/05/2021 19:51:219Great as always!
16/05/2021 22:14:058helpful coding guide
17/05/2021 04:39:5210
17/05/2021 04:41:0910
17/05/2021 13:52:1410
17/05/2021 15:53:0210
17/05/2021 17:08:5610
18/05/2021 17:40:5610Great tutorial content!
19/05/2021 00:23:0710
19/05/2021 05:32:5910
19/05/2021 18:22:5410
19/05/2021 20:19:4510
20/05/2021 05:33:0510Very useful and of course its free.
20/05/2021 17:55:5810You share amazing stuff which I find very meaningful and relevant. I always look forward to your next email. Keep it up!!
20/05/2021 20:45:0110
20/05/2021 22:46:5810Great info !!! Thanks !!!
21/05/2021 18:44:3010good curation of materials
22/05/2021 13:28:1310
22/05/2021 13:43:518Very useful
22/05/2021 15:02:117sense and balance with joie de vivre
22/05/2021 18:34:258great video on python keywords . thanks Doc !
23/05/2021 05:55:0310gets right to business without a lot of preamble
23/05/2021 10:30:519very clear , precise explanations ! step by step with examples and heads up on exceptions too ! thanks Doc !
23/05/2021 15:42:529friendly approach
24/05/2021 09:28:2810
24/05/2021 18:23:1410It’s easy to read and understand plus i Like the way i can test my skills on the website
25/05/2021 04:04:120I haven’t tried it yet.
25/05/2021 12:10:238free cleansheets
25/05/2021 17:57:2610Your enthusiasm for code is infectious.
25/05/2021 17:58:339
26/05/2021 01:03:4210I just love this concept where I learn on my email.
Its like a slow and steady approach, and slowly but surely i will learn so many things over the course of multiple months.
Love you dude
From Delhi, India
26/05/2021 11:26:320
26/05/2021 17:23:289Clear, detailed, very complete courses /tutorial. Veel helpful
27/05/2021 03:58:0410
27/05/2021 19:02:2810
27/05/2021 22:22:2910I find it exciting to learn by doing , kept interested with free video’s, puzzles cheat sheets !! Chris Hunter. (has the python buzz)
28/05/2021 16:33:0710Great emailed lesson 1 for lists. Liked the colors of the embedded images (black, blue, etc.) and you concise explanation of the material.
28/05/2021 17:27:0410
30/05/2021 16:56:4310
30/05/2021 17:08:0910
30/05/2021 18:32:0810Amazing lessons
31/05/2021 22:51:026A lot of Emails in a really short time
01/06/2021 13:02:3110
01/06/2021 14:36:078
01/06/2021 18:23:5110excelente
01/06/2021 19:00:3410It is useful and interesting
02/06/2021 05:42:559
02/06/2021 11:28:480you’re the worst spammer
03/06/2021 16:49:0310
03/06/2021 20:26:2910Breadth of knowledge, quality of communications, willingness to go “above and beyond”
04/06/2021 19:20:1310
04/06/2021 23:35:0210Found Finxter yesterday and I have already found it to be invaluable for resources and the videos uploaded by Chris are inspiring and informative. When he is teaching he puts the code into a format that manages to stick in my sieve of a brain
05/06/2021 02:38:527I am most likely to recommend Finxter but most of my friends like to do things on their own instead of looking for help and using extra resources.
05/06/2021 15:38:4410Muy práctico y accesible para todos
05/06/2021 19:30:1710
05/06/2021 19:57:4310There is a lot of free information to help budding python programmers
05/06/2021 20:20:5010To look at code every day.
05/06/2021 20:39:303I am sorry to report to you that I have very few friends who are interested in computing, programming and Python. However, I’m a great enthusiast but still a amateur.
06/06/2021 00:38:059Great resource for someone looking to learn python
06/06/2021 09:56:0910
06/06/2021 13:32:0010it provides friendly educative environment.
06/06/2021 21:54:4210Very Helpful learning tool
07/06/2021 00:13:0710So far good tips received on daily bases. Thnaks.
07/06/2021 08:55:3110Because, I use the benefits of it. Test what I have learned.
07/06/2021 10:13:4210
07/06/2021 15:34:3110not just python but also tech-relevant news with a bold approach (es. “BTC and womens)
07/06/2021 17:53:3710
07/06/2021 18:34:519Puzzles and courses are great
07/06/2021 20:22:5210because it is useful information
07/06/2021 21:08:251The supposedly advanced problems sent are so simple that they discredit what good content might be on the rest of the website. Slightly more effort could be put into these emails…
09/06/2021 07:31:2010
10/06/2021 08:56:1910Quality education is base to move forward for which you are feely helping to needy ones as me. thanks to you and complete team. having high expectation of bright career in Python with goal to eradicate global problems through Python programming.
10/06/2021 11:32:0510So far, everything is brilliant! Thank You, although the Machine Learning Algorithms cheat sheet just made my brain explode! lol
10/06/2021 11:41:4210im learning so much
10/06/2021 19:08:0310
10/06/2021 19:15:1710It’s a great place to learn!
11/06/2021 17:53:5110Best inputs..
13/06/2021 09:22:5510Is an institution of learning.
13/06/2021 19:00:270Cheat sheets are full of non PEP 8 code. This is not a good thing for beginners.
13/06/2021 20:39:2710
13/06/2021 22:32:3310Course by mail is a good way to learn.
14/06/2021 05:23:472I’m having trouble making sense of your exmples
14/06/2021 07:55:312Need more help
14/06/2021 11:54:5210
14/06/2021 17:42:3910great
15/06/2021 02:45:0010Enthusiastic teacher and thoughtful course content.
15/06/2021 08:31:0610As far as i find, all the contents are great. Keep it Up.
16/06/2021 16:08:1310
16/06/2021 16:29:2810Friendly, easy to follow content. Dedication shows through all the lessons. Thank you for making Python fun & relatable!
17/06/2021 16:56:5410
17/06/2021 22:05:5010
18/06/2021 01:36:0210Na
18/06/2021 12:03:0210Short and concise
18/06/2021 13:24:0910It’s great website for deep understanding the concepts.
18/06/2021 18:59:3610
18/06/2021 22:12:2510
19/06/2021 14:00:308clear and at the right pace
20/06/2021 11:25:471
20/06/2021 13:00:499It’s great! The email-video lectures are concise, very well understandable, and contain lots of information. One lecture a day is also a right amount. It doesn’t let your enthusiasm die down but it doesn’t overwhelm you either. The only reason I didn’t give a 10 is because I just found Finxter, and began the lectures yesterday, so I’m still very new, but I’m on the way to giving a 10.
21/06/2021 11:45:2610
21/06/2021 13:33:528Nice game to be expert. Learning by the games.
22/06/2021 17:21:5610Its easy to follow
23/06/2021 17:59:4210Great content!
24/06/2021 22:01:579I like the approach of the Christian. The ‘vibe’ of the material is practical / applied as opposed to technical / theoretical (though one needs this-there are plenty of resources to do so).
24/06/2021 22:27:5110
25/06/2021 13:47:060????????
26/06/2021 05:58:0410
28/06/2021 20:18:0410
29/06/2021 09:03:130
29/06/2021 12:34:1410most cooperative than anyone…
29/06/2021 14:14:0810Genuinely great content teaching to freelance with python
30/06/2021 12:39:1610Ofc So Informative
30/06/2021 22:50:2410Practical and easy to follow.
01/07/2021 16:32:5610
01/07/2021 16:33:3210
02/07/2021 18:50:1210
08/07/2021 18:44:3610
08/07/2021 20:12:3210lots of good content plus the elo rating system…very nice!
08/07/2021 20:48:0310
08/07/2021 21:14:0610
08/07/2021 21:50:2210
09/07/2021 19:29:2210Excellent approach.
13/07/2021 21:22:139Great courses
14/07/2021 02:33:5110Clear and concise.
14/07/2021 10:43:4410
15/07/2021 21:27:0010
16/07/2021 13:59:5510You are taking the time to help us. The least we can do is pass it along! Thanks for everything you’re doing! I appreciate it. Scott
16/07/2021 17:33:3710
17/07/2021 11:20:549
17/07/2021 11:53:4910Orderer Method
17/07/2021 17:01:247It is Clever and useful
17/07/2021 17:55:087it’s free ??
21/07/2021 16:33:3410
22/07/2021 03:27:5710Enthusiastic and inspirational emails!
22/07/2021 04:01:5810
22/07/2021 06:00:5910Very helpful
22/07/2021 18:57:245Not free 🙁
22/07/2021 21:33:5610
23/07/2021 01:44:2210Your emails are simply the best. Every one is full of great content!! Thank you.
23/07/2021 16:56:0710
26/07/2021 05:09:0810It very good for me.
26/07/2021 16:26:4410
27/07/2021 03:15:496
27/07/2021 04:20:3110I liked the initiative and as a completely beginner I find it easier to learn as I try to succeed to solve a puzzle, and even if I fail to solve the puzzle, I will see the explanations to why my answer was wrong and with this feedback, I can really improve in python.
27/07/2021 09:19:3810It is a great course with good job possibilities.
27/07/2021 09:36:4410Finxter is one of the best platform to learn python and data science,
27/07/2021 09:45:3110Finxter is one of the best platform to learn python
27/07/2021 15:56:2610
27/07/2021 16:48:4210
27/07/2021 17:50:599The personal touches and introductions have been most helpful.
28/07/2021 01:17:126
28/07/2021 06:55:4410
29/07/2021 19:07:4510Chris
30/07/2021 05:13:0510I like the persistence. Plus, the course information is amazing.
30/07/2021 20:40:5210
31/07/2021 00:57:189Very solid foundational knowledge as well as the emphasis on the trying to apply the knowledge to a goal like earning income
31/07/2021 05:30:5610
31/07/2021 16:57:1110
01/08/2021 20:00:3710Easy time management with the course by mail solution.
04/08/2021 20:38:2910Nice flow of information
04/08/2021 23:14:2610
04/08/2021 23:54:139Instructed in a easy to understand format.
05/08/2021 01:28:3610Great
06/08/2021 09:10:1910It is great platform for learning Python
10/08/2021 04:51:2310
10/08/2021 20:00:2010
11/08/2021 01:34:229
12/08/2021 07:08:398It’s quite helpful.
12/08/2021 21:11:4710Awesome
12/08/2021 22:34:3710Simple, bite-size chunks of info in each email… lot’s of varied subjects to read in whatever order suits you.
13/08/2021 09:12:2410Chris really knows what he’s doing and really cares for his students. This is exactly what I need to fulfill my dreams.

13/08/2021 15:36:4810
13/08/2021 16:17:4410
14/08/2021 03:51:1510
14/08/2021 03:58:0310
14/08/2021 12:13:3110It’s easy to undertsand the content and also it’s free.
14/08/2021 17:54:1910
18/08/2021 11:17:193did not get my 7 cheat sheets!
18/08/2021 17:27:4710to the point
18/08/2021 21:25:463You sent me a newsletter which states that Blockchain is a important technology in the future. This is plain misinformation. A blockchain is just a very inefficient database and the single meaningful usecase for a blockchain is the Bitcoin Blockchain.
Using a Blockchain to track my vegetables has no use because using a blockchain != decentralization and the blockchain is still controlled by a company, ergo -> a simple database would be more efficient and has no downsides to using a “blockchain”.
Only in combination with the Proof of Work Algorithm, Difficulty Adjustment etc.. in Bitcoin a Blockchain makes sense. So don’t misinform your newsletter suscribers into Blockchain, in the end they maybe even buy scammy “blockchain” crypto tokens and lose money.
19/08/2021 05:06:470S P A M Holy shit the fucking spam. Stop sending me 10+ emails a day. Be like Real Python and send 1 – 2 tops.
19/08/2021 22:51:4610
20/08/2021 10:30:3010
20/08/2021 12:00:4010
20/08/2021 12:16:4910Prove useful information about programming
20/08/2021 15:56:134WAY TOOOOO HARD
20/08/2021 21:30:3510He will learn more about Python.
23/08/2021 05:29:1610Chris is very encouraging.
23/08/2021 11:35:049
26/08/2021 00:45:0610I love your content, I am not taking the freelance course yet, I might consider that in the future. I learn a lot of things from your emails.
26/08/2021 04:14:0910Awesome content
26/08/2021 08:11:3510as a complete beginner, I am satisfied with the form of learning
26/08/2021 23:57:2710It’s the best!
27/08/2021 15:56:0210
27/08/2021 15:57:5510
29/08/2021 13:39:3510easy and quik access hich gives so much motivation to learn
31/08/2021 22:21:1510
01/09/2021 18:03:418Cheat sheets are handy to have. Need more content in the emails.
02/09/2021 13:11:457
02/09/2021 13:50:4610thanks for your lessons
02/09/2021 20:50:5110
02/09/2021 21:32:132the cheat sheets and resources are well put-together but i was completely turned off by your assertion that bezos is anything other than a hack. he’s been profiting off real engineers’ work for years and continues to steer them to produce projects that benefit the elite and threaten the security and safety of those they’re supposed to serve (check out the tunnel he constructed). it’s unfortunate that you reinforce this belief because it perpetuates the idea that random rich people are intelligent when they have a demonstrable history of poor decisions. if anything it invalidates your whole premise of working hard and learning valuable skills to uplift yourself. his “legacy” and “success” is built on apartheid and that is well-documented. plus you offer emails/courses that sound like get rich quick schemes and while that’s all good and well, i don’t want to continue supporting someone who sees programming as a money scheme rather than a tool or art. i’m overall disappointed and hope you reconsider! PS you deserve to be paid for the work you do. you could offer your cheat sheets on gumroad for “pay what you want”, people will pay as little as a dollar per bundle of documents at your discretion. wishing you well.
03/09/2021 03:51:0710The advice and support and regular updates and additions to the knowledge base.
04/09/2021 16:59:2910The cheatsheets are extremely well made. I would love to join the freelancer course.
05/09/2021 00:40:1710It is a welldone passionate work
06/09/2021 07:07:2210
07/09/2021 06:50:3010Easy to learn, without having to spend a lot of time.
08/09/2021 15:47:3510
08/09/2021 16:18:4610
09/09/2021 07:11:4810OK!
09/09/2021 15:53:407
09/09/2021 19:35:489You cover topics that aren’t typically covered elsewhere. Your advice is good. I have just read the article on developers worrying that they are not good enough and then the advice that when you do some work, throw in a little extra. It has worked for me. Especially if you can plant the seed for a new feature or functionality which, if they like the idea, will probably turn into more work for you
09/09/2021 19:44:338
10/09/2021 05:22:4010Because it is good
10/09/2021 07:27:4010I love how Chris teaches..
11/09/2021 03:03:0010
11/09/2021 18:39:4810
12/09/2021 15:54:2010You are the best teacher!
13/09/2021 04:02:280emails
13/09/2021 04:42:0710great content and support
15/09/2021 08:17:5110
15/09/2021 10:34:4210your service is good enough
16/09/2021 01:02:3110Accesible info and education 😀
16/09/2021 16:57:208Good deep and range of the matters.
16/09/2021 22:12:2410
16/09/2021 23:53:139Finxter naturally makes code less abstract
17/09/2021 23:25:069I like yours post, and the ir are free.
19/09/2021 13:45:5210
19/09/2021 13:46:1310
20/09/2021 06:21:417
21/09/2021 17:02:3110Great content. Great community. Consistently excellent.
22/09/2021 15:56:4310Python weekly updates are super cool …
24/09/2021 02:56:3110
26/09/2021 15:52:5510it’s a great learning platform and we get to learn advanced and trending in market stuff.
27/09/2021 05:18:0210I love the tips and I think there are a lot of people who could change their lives with this program. I hope to be one of them soon.
27/09/2021 15:08:3710I love what you are doing to dummy down python learning
30/09/2021 20:47:0510Finxter is awesome and I especially appreciate the blockchain and solidity content. Keep crushing it!
30/09/2021 23:14:1610My own experience was great
01/10/2021 23:41:4010
01/10/2021 23:54:0110Great one-liner explanations. Thanks.
02/10/2021 05:15:3010
02/10/2021 10:07:0310I have from this academic a lot and has help with different task and also promote my learning strategies.
03/10/2021 07:23:2410
05/10/2021 06:37:0410I would highly recommend to anyone who loves to learn because cheat sheets have examples that make the concepts/topic easy to grasp, concise and easy to read. It is presented clean, no clutter just what is needed. I’m grateful to you all for providing such free learning materials, Sir.
07/10/2021 18:29:0510I like the depth and breadth of your topics. The topics blend well and while I am not a whiz coder in Python, I am working to become better and have another tool to compliment SAS and SQL that I use.
07/10/2021 22:53:3310Easy going with good information. No heavy e-mail bombardment.
08/10/2021 09:24:1110Though I’m a noob and subscribed to Finxter just a day ago, it is apparent for me Finxter is a great resource for learning Python.
08/10/2021 10:24:200It’s overhyped.
08/10/2021 21:36:570
09/10/2021 00:04:0910
09/10/2021 01:31:378Chris hope things are good with you. It would be nice to promote all of us as python qualified coder any where we are in the world. This would enhance your work.
09/10/2021 04:36:339I’m in my mid-40’s.

Before Amazon, when some people wanted to learn more about any given aspect of IT, they’d typically go to a bookstore and buy the newest, biggest, most glossy doorstop of a book… and would rarely gain more than 10% of the knowledge they sought.

Such books were often repetitive, painfully drab, and simplistic (e.g. “For dummies”).

Despite their size, they often lacked depth; the information sought either wasn’t there or the authors & publishers were simply unable to convey it from the page into the reader’s brain.b

I’ve taught myself everything I know about IT.

I started with what I could see, the hardware, and quickly figured out how to build computers.

Back in the mid-90’s, whenever a topic was too big to efficiently learn about in my own using just one Slackware box – such as system administration, as opposed to writing firewall rules – I followed some great advice my friend’s Dad gave me: “Go to the library, look in the Computers section for books relating to the topic, and look for books that have obviously been thoroughly used – ignore anything that’s shiny or new, the more it looks like it’s been through the laundry the better it’ll be.”

He was right! I tried both, of course, because I believe best what I see closest. He could’ve just said “Look for books published by OReilly”, but I eventually appreciated his larger point.

The more flashy something is, the more money for the effort has been diverted from its intention.

The less natural an authorial voice sounds, the more difficult learning from it is.

You, sir, come across exactly like a trusty, well-worn, heavily earmarked O’Reilly book full of margin notes in human form, and – much more importantly – it’s even easier and faster to learn coding from you than from any such book, or any other resource I’ve tried up until this point. (And I have tried *many*.)

I do already know the basics of programming, and as a team member I’ve written parts of some large Visual Basic applications, and as an individual I’ve designed and written a few somewhat complex Java applications, but it’s been over a decade since I’ve written anything significant.

You, your material, and your classes are the first resources that have both motivated me and made it quite easy for me to learn something in such a structured way, at such a consistent rate, but at whichever pace I choose at any given moment.

I know this is probably 15x longer than what you were expecting, but I tend to write a lot – perhaps more than necessary – because I have a brain injury that sometimes makes speaking difficult, and so however I communicate I’m usually overly thorough and long-winded.

Then again, you asked the question!

Thank you, and cheers!
09/10/2021 05:18:5210Well explained, easy time management.
10/10/2021 06:17:2010Excellent presentation
10/10/2021 12:03:004Becos I am not really sure of the structure of finxter
10/10/2021 19:00:4610
10/10/2021 19:58:438Useful information.
10/10/2021 20:51:2110good material
11/10/2021 13:20:256Useful resources
11/10/2021 13:42:398the way you teach in simplest way is what made me recommend you to my friends
12/10/2021 19:00:350
13/10/2021 05:14:0210
13/10/2021 15:35:2310Love so much the puzzles and constant quizzing it has changed my attitude about programming. I am a games type of person, lazy,very intelligent and competitive.
13/10/2021 22:30:2810Accesible and easy to understand content
14/10/2021 05:29:4210good instructor
14/10/2021 15:10:3210nice
15/10/2021 03:06:565
15/10/2021 04:07:5810
16/10/2021 22:08:0710Quality, contemporary and affordable. Thanks Finxter.
16/10/2021 22:55:4710
17/10/2021 18:41:2210
18/10/2021 19:06:2210
18/10/2021 20:52:108
19/10/2021 19:59:2810I’m loving the python cheat sheet – thank you I’m starting your courses later – I may need some advice on a project for University ☺️☺️
20/10/2021 13:28:375Konnte leider nicht viel Nutzen daraus ziehen
22/10/2021 15:57:448
23/10/2021 10:18:3110Variable and usefull stuff for my fellow students..
24/10/2021 03:52:519Very organized, and unique teaching methods.
25/10/2021 12:45:2110Its free!
27/10/2021 15:15:5610
27/10/2021 16:56:0010Helpful, encouraging, persistent, affordable, genuine, real.
27/10/2021 23:52:0510Great content, consistency
28/10/2021 04:29:5910
28/10/2021 17:29:5010
28/10/2021 17:30:0310
28/10/2021 18:59:5510Excelente trabajo
28/10/2021 20:36:5710Your examples and articles does more than just scratch the surface, but also so easy to understand that it can be used as quick in and out syntax freshen up if stuck in code.
29/10/2021 04:28:119What’s not to like? rr
30/10/2021 05:11:4510great courses. I’m learning a lot
02/11/2021 07:19:3410I have never seen such a user friendly website plus didnt cheat me but gave me a lot of good cheat notes hehe and a good pdf book !! hehe !! ….looking forward for some online class soon …You are doing a great job..MGBU ..!!
02/11/2021 20:25:2110Courses are great in learning. Keep up the good work
04/11/2021 12:18:2410Excelent
05/11/2021 00:28:339excellent information
05/11/2021 00:47:5810
05/11/2021 19:22:063To much information to fast.Explanation don’t really make since in some instances .
06/11/2021 20:19:379Helping to learn and understand easily
06/11/2021 21:47:231
08/11/2021 15:41:059The content is clear & shows the power of Python as well as tricks that feel almost necessary to avoid “reinventing the wheel” a different way.
09/11/2021 11:07:479The cheat sheets are brilliant (and gave me hope that maybe, just maybe I won’t drop out) and the joke I received made me laugh. Thank you.
(Keep this up and I’ll be recommending you left and right.)
09/11/2021 15:05:1210
09/11/2021 15:29:0910It’s awesome.
09/11/2021 21:01:339I have allready recommended it to classmates. Have I had python last semester, I would have recomended it then…
09/11/2021 21:33:415
10/11/2021 00:33:162The move towards NFTs.
10/11/2021 15:00:319
11/11/2021 04:31:198Cause he is always there