Finxter Mission – Help Increase Collective Intelligence

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Increasing Collective Intelligence [Finxter Mission]

πŸš€ The mission of Finxter is to help increase collective intelligence.

What does it mean to increase collective intelligence?

In my view, humanity it’s like a big organism. You and I are two cells of this big organism. There are communication channels between those cells — for example, video, audio, speech, etc.

There are many types of communication and interaction. This article is a one-way channel. But there are many two ways channels as well.

For example, you may send a Tweet to your followers or a personal message to your friend via WhatsApp. Even if you just look at something with your eyes and another person observes where your attention goes, they gain a valuable piece of information. Your body communicates all the time with other people without you even realizing it.

But not only do humans talk to other humans but also your body cells like the neurons in your brain talk with each other by means of electrical signals. These neurobiological signals carry information through the meta organism that is your brain, consisting of billions of individual cells (neurons) that exchange information via communication channels (synapses).

Together, these neurons form something bigger, your identity and self-conciousness. You are a meta organism comprising the smaller cells such as your brain cells and your body cells, bacteria cells, and everything that interacts in your body.

🧬 The impulse of energy flowing through the collective organism is life itself.

Another example is the meta organism is the forest consisting of smaller organisms from which it is built. Trees transform chemical signals, i.e., CO2 to O2, which is then transformed back by humans and animals to CO2. If the trees breathe out, humans breathe in. And as humans breathe out, trees breathe in.

Everything is like one giant organism and we’re all part of it. Together, we form a massive brain from which we are the cells.

This is known as collective intelligence.

Why Increasing Collective Intelligence?

We need to increase collective intelligence, i.e., our ability to solve problems such as climate change or societal problems.

Eventually, the sun will destroy the earth, and — among other things — we need to become a multi-planetary species in order to survive.

We will become more intelligent and more capable of solving bigger and bigger problems – or we die and become extinct.

πŸ’‘ There are only two possibilities – become more intelligent or die!

How to Increase Collective Intelligence?

An animal brain tends to be more intelligent, with a bigger brain consisting of more neurons and synapses.

Likewise, we need to increase the number of cells in our collective organism and the connection and capabilities of those cells to increase collective intelligence.

Another factor is to add synthetical cells, i.e., computers to integrate the cyber organism with our biological organism in a cyber-biological meta organism.

We are already in the midst of this process – you reading this message means that some algorithms and routing devices have decided to forward this information to you. The fact that I’m communicating with you means that algorithms have enabled us to do so.

Our communication wouldn’t be possible without algorithms!

Consequently, we want to add coding leverage to this cyber-biological collective organism. Every cell in our collective brain should be able to also leverage itself by creating computational intelligence and injecting the computational intelligence into the system.

If we accomplish this, every cell can produce myriads of additional artificial, synthetical cells, i.e., computing devices that now increase collective intelligence even more. These computers can solve problems partially or completely autonomously, they already run without our explicit involvement.

These words were carried through the web and touched by hundreds of routers to deliver it to your screen. No human was directly involved in carrying this information through time and space. Computing devices did it autonomously and automatically.

The goal of Finxter is to increase the capabilities of an individual cell and add leverage to it through programming.

We want to increase the number of connections between human cells.

We want to strengthen the connection and integrate them with computing intelligence.

We want to help organize them through new ways of synchronization such as Blockchain technology.

This is a long, never-ending push towards a higher and higher level of collective intelligence. There are no short-cuts only optimizations.

I will never stop doing it. You and I are in it together. Everything you do impacts me and everything I do impacts you.

Let’s work together in making this meta organism more intelligent and more capable.

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