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  • ​Do you​ struggle to grasp the meaning of code?
  • ​Can your peers understand source code faster than you?
  • ​Do you feel like you have not reached your true coding potential?
  • ​Are you generally motivated to learn but you ​​don't know how?
  • ​And are you too busy carving out ​whole days for learning?

​​​Do you know any of these problems? The Finxter Premium Membership ​solves all these problems in the most sustainable way possible: it guides you towards Python mastery. ​You will not only become a better coder --- you will lay the foundation for ​​your successful career as a Python expert.

​​Coding can be your ​BIGGEST FEAR or a fun way to earn ​money while doing something ​YOU LOVE. It's your choice---because how you approach coding is how coding approaches you.​

Here are some of the benefits, you'll get as a Finxter Premium Member:

  • ​Puzzles: ​Improve your skills by solving unlimited puzzles on the Finxter.com Python app.
  • Courses: ​​Access ​the Finxter ​Computer ​Science Academy (newest courses: "Object-Oriented Python" and "Introduction to NumPy") with ​regular Python mini-courses – given by Python experts and tailored to your individual wishes (voting system).
  • Certificates: ​Prove your skills to clients and employers by downloading your individual Python certificate.
Trust Python

Bonus Courses Inside:

The Finxter Computer Science Academy

Object-Oriented Python

Hangman Game in Python

Machine Learning in Python

Introduction to NumPy

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