[Finxter Review] Become a Freelancer Course

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Finxter Freelancer Course [Review by Cristian Sanchez]

Hi Finxters! My name is Cristian Sánchez and I wanted to leave my review for finxter.com’s “Become a Python Freelancer Course”. I am about 10% through the course and so far, I am very satisfied with the value that is included.

I had found Dr. Christian Mayer’s work while searching for books about Python on Amazon. I found his “Leaving the Rat Race with Python” book and I read it. Then I bought Coffee Break Python as well to sharpen my Python skills. I liked what I learned in his “Leaving the rat race with Python” book but I did not take action while reading it. After some time, realizing I was not moving forward fast enough I decided to check out his course. I read the information and then I decided to take the plunge and purchase it to motivate myself further.

I was surprised to find all the different services that are included with the course. It includes Finxter premium. A service that serves python puzzles for you to solve and tracks your progress based on your performance as measured against other users. I have quickly gone up to the Expert rank just because I wanted to get the certificate (and because it’s fun)! The course also includes several of Dr. Mayer’s books, including the two that I read and mentioned above. It also includes “Coffee Break Python Slicing”, “Coffee Break Python Workbook”, “Coffee Break Python Numpy”, and “Brain Games Python” for a total of 6 books. The course also includes Finxter Academy which has many courses on different topics related to Python. I have started watching the “TensorFlow – A Hands-On Introduction to Deep Learning and Neural Networks for Beginners” course which has been very exciting too. Additionally, after completing this course I can receive a certificate, which is sure to help demonstrate my knowledge of the topic.

I like that Dr. Mayer takes the time to interact with all his students and encourages us along the way. He also includes with the course your first gig on Upwork, which is a great opportunity to obtain feedback for a freelance task, potentially making it easier to get more work on the platform. I think that this course is giving me the tools that I need to get started as a Python freelancer online.