Fix AttributeError: Module ‘OpenAI’ Has No Attribute ‘Audio’

I tried using the amazing speech recognition capabilities introduced with OpenAI’s new Whisper module yesterday.

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Here’s the sample code I used:

import openai
audio_file = open("/path/to/file/my_audio.mp3", "rb")
transcript = openai.Audio.transcribe("whisper-1", audio_file)

But when using the simple code to test transcribing an audio file, Python gave me the AttributeError: module 'openai' has no attribute 'Audio'.

# ...
AttributeError: module 'openai' has no attribute 'Audio'

So, I wanted to share my quick solution in case you encountered the same error.

Easy Fix

Chances are you have already installed the openai library, but you haven’t updated it, so the old version doesn’t provide the Audio module.

To fix the AttributeError: module 'openai' has no attribute 'Audio', you need to update your current installation of the openai library. The reason for this error is that OpenAI’s Audio transcribing capabilities were introduced in OpenAI Python v0.27.0 and beyond.

You can check your package version using pip show openai as explained in my more detailed tutorial on the Finxter blog:

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To update your current openai installation, go to your command line or environment terminal (e.g., in PyCharm, the terminal window) and type the following package upgrading command:

pip install openai --upgrade

Also, you may want to check out my detailed installation instructions for different OS and coding environments:

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