9 Easy Ways to Fix ‘Rate Limit Error’ in OpenAI Codex

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If you’ve been working with OpenAI’s Codex, you might have come across the openai.error.RateLimitError: you exceeded your current quota, please check your plan and billing details.

This error can be quite frustrating, especially when it blocks your requests. Based on a recent discussion on a forum, we’ve compiled several methods users found helpful in resolving this issue.

Problem Formulation and Error

This error typically arises when you’ve exhausted your allocated quota for API requests. The error message indicates that you’ve exceeded the rate limit set by your current OpenAI plan.

The issue could surface even if you haven’t sent a considerable number of requests. It was found that some users faced this error after sending over 6000 requests, while others encountered it after only 200 requests.

1-Paragraph Answer (Quick Overview)

First, double-check your model names and credit status.

If all’s well there, try adding a payment method to your account.

No luck? Creating a new API key or simply taking a short break before sending more requests often does the trick.

If you’re still stuck, consider adjusting your usage limits, refreshing your account with a different payment method, or ensuring your organization is selected correctly in your API keys settings.

Still no joy? Maybe it’s time to switch to a paid plan, recreate your API key or ask OpenAI for a rate limit increase.

Method 1: Update Model Names

One of the first troubleshooting steps suggested was updating the model names to the current ones as per OpenAI API. A change in the model names or versions may lead to unexpected issues.

Hence, ensuring you’re using the correct and most up-to-date model names might solve the problem.

Method 2: Check Credit Status

Another common cause of this error could be expired credits. If you’re using OpenAI’s services with credits, and they’ve run out, you might be blocked from making more API calls. In this case, renewing or purchasing more credits should help.

Method 3: Change API Call Destination

If you’re calling the regular models but have expired credits, switching to private beta models (where usage isn’t charged) could be a potential workaround. However, this is applicable only if you have access to the beta models.

Method 4: Add Credit Card Information

Even if you’re not charged for your usage, adding your credit card information to your account has proven to help some users. OpenAI might require payment details to be on file for certain services, even if they’re currently free.

You can add a new OpenAI payment method here.

Method 5: Generate a New API Key

Some users have found that generating a new API key solved the rate limit error for them. If you’ve tried the other methods and the issue persists, creating a new API key might be a solution.

Method 6: Waiting

In some cases, simply waiting a few minutes resolved the issue. The rate limit might be calculated over a certain time period, so waiting could effectively reset your request count.

Method 7: Renew Your Account

Some users found that they could resolve the RateLimitError by canceling their existing paid account and then renewing it with a different payment method. This action may reset some of the settings related to rate limits on the account.

Method 8: Update Your Organization Settings

In your API keys settings, under the Default Organizations section, ensure your organization is correctly selected. Resave the settings to ensure that they are applied properly. This process may also help reset your soft limits.

Method 9: Request a Rate Limit Increase

As a last resort, if you’ve tried all other methods and the issue persists, you could consider requesting a rate limit increase from OpenAI. However, keep in mind that rate limit increases may not be available for all models, and approval is at OpenAI’s discretion.


The openai.error.RateLimitError is a common issue faced by OpenAI Codex users. This error can be mitigated through several methods: updating the model names, checking credit status, changing the API call destination, adding credit card information, generating a new API key, or waiting for a short period.

Additional methods to resolve the openai.error.RateLimitError include renewing your account, updating your organization settings, switching to a paid plan, and recreating your API key.

Remember that the correct solution may vary depending on your specific circumstances, and the issue could also be temporary. If all else fails, consider reaching out to OpenAI support or requesting a rate limit increase.

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