Focus: How to Crush it in Coding!

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One of my Finxter Python students, Davis, struggles with the following problem:

“I want to get way better at reading, understanding and editing code. Eventually, i want to move to data science and machine learning. I think you are doing enough I just need more focus and determination. I really want to be a Python specialist.”Davis, Freelance Course Member

This is an excellent observation! Davis is 100% right: focus and determination is the #1 thing that separates the winners from the losers nowadays.

Most people cannot focus because the “grass seems always greener on the other side”. However, this is a huge mistake! You need to focus on coding to join the top 5% of coders who earn exponentially more money.

You can become a top 5% coder easily—just watch the following video:

The Grass is Always Green

If you follow the advice in the video, you have a huge unfair advantage against everyone else.

The more opportunities there are, the bigger will your unfair advantage become because everyone else is just opportunity hopping—ending up average in a few fields and below-average in everything else.

Decide on your coding niche today. Set the unreasonable goal to become the best! Read your goal aloud every morning and evening. And focus every day all day on your goal. Soon you’ll overtake all the weak players in the marketplace and crush it!

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