101+ Free Python Books

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Spending money on books is one of the best investments you can possibly make. But why should you?

This article compiles a list of 101++ FREE Python books to destroy any excuse of not learning Python. Everyone can afford to read free books!

101+ Free Python Books

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How To Use This List?

Most likely you donโ€™t belong to the 0.01% of nerds who will read each and every book on this list. Prioritization is king! To help you with the big task of finding the best book for you, I have added a few indicators whether the book is interesting for you or not.

I donโ€™t give the link to Amazon as this is a list of FREE Python books and Amazon mostly focuses on paid books in their stock.

Above The Fold Books

These are my top picks of free Python books – get all of them and store them on your PC! I have sorted them in alphabetical order.

Coffee Break Python: 50 Workouts to Kickstart Your Rapid Code Understanding in Python – Dr. Christian Mayer

Coffee Break Python

What many people don’t know is that this popular puzzle-based learning book from the founder of Finxter.com is available for free on the thank-you for signing up page.

Keywords: Beginner + Email Course + PDF

Coffee Break Python Slicing: 24 Workouts to Master Slicing in Python, Once and for All – Dr. Christian Mayer

Slicing is one of the most basic skills of a Python developer. This is THE most comprehensive book on slicing in existence.

Keywords: Beginner + Slicing + Email Course + PDF

Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python 3rd Edition – Al Sweigart

Another great book about computer games from Al Sweigart. The book specifically addresses kids but is also interesting for adults who like gaming.

Keywords: Beginner + Games + PDF

Learning Python – Mark Lutz

This book is one of the most comprehensive Python books I have ever seen. Sometimes this can be a bit dry – but the author does a great work in making it interesting for the reader.

Keywords: Beginner / Intermediate + PDF

Learn Python the Hard Way – Zed A. Shaw

This is a very popular book that asks you to perform programming exercises in your terminal. By putting in the actual effort (and typing in all the little commands), you learn more thoroughly (at the cost of a larger time investment).

Keywords: Absolute Beginners + HTML (Only Parts)

Making Games with Python & Pygame – Al Sweigart

This excellent book is all about inventing, coding, and implementing small Python games using the Pygame framework. Itโ€™s from the author of the most popular Python book โ€œAutomating the boring stuff with Pythonโ€

Keywords: Beginner + Games + PDF

Python Pocket Reference – Mark Lutz

The book is a collection of all the important Python functions.

Keywords: Beginner / Intermediate + PDF

Python Notes For Professionals – Goalkicker

The book is a comprehensive book with lots of pages (although the quality isn’t always perfect—it’s a great book for reference and learning).

Keywords: Beginner / Intermediate + PDF

Problem Solving with Algorithms and Data Structures using Python – Brad Miller and David Ranum

PythonDS Cover

The book is an interactive HTML page with exercises and more practical material to support your learning progress. Highly recommended!

Keywords: Intermediate + HTML

Python One-Liners (Videos) – Dr. Christian Mayer

Python One-Liners

Python One-Liners will teach you how to read and write โ€œone-linersโ€: concise statements of useful functionality packed into a single line of code. You’ll learn how to systematically unpack and understand any line of Python code, and write eloquent, powerfully compressed Python like an expert.

Keywords: Beginner / Intermediate + One-Liner Training Videos are free on the website

Think Python: How to Think Like a Computer Scientist – Allen B. Downey

“This hands-on guide takes you through the language one step at a time, beginning with basic programming concepts before moving on to functions, recursion, data structures, and object-oriented design.”

Keywords: Beginner / Intermediate + HTML

A Comprehensive List of Free Python Books

The list of free Python books is sorted alphabetically. Lose yourself in this list to find the Python book that suits your current needs most!

  1. A Beginner’s Python Tutorial – Wikibooks
  2. ? A Byte of Python (Python 3, HTML, PDF, EPUB, Mobi)
  3. A Guide to Python’s Magic Methods – Rafe Kettler
  4. ??? Automate the Boring Stuff – Al Sweigart
  5. A Whirlwind Tour of Python – Jake VanderPlas (HTML)
  6. Biopython (PDF)
  7. Build applications in Python the antitextbook (Python 3, HTML, PDF, EPUB, Mobi)
  8. Building Machine Learning Systems with Python – Willi Richert & Luis P. Coelho
  9. Building Skills in Object-Oriented Design โ€“ Steven F. Lott (Python 2.1, PDF)
  10. Building Skills in Python โ€“ Steven F. Lott (Python 2.6, PDF)
  11. ? Byte of Python โ€“ Swaroop C. H. (Python 3, PDF)
  12. Codeacademy Python
  13. Code Like a Pythonista: Idiomatic Python
  14. Composing Programs (Python 3)
  15. Data Structures and Algorithms in Python – B. R. Preiss (PDF)
  16. ?? Data Structures and Algorithms in Python โ€“ Rance D. Necaise (Python 3, PDF)
  17. ?? Dive into Python 3 โ€“ Mark Pilgrim (Python 3, HTML)
  18. Django Girls Tutorial (1.11)
  19. Django Official Documentation (PDF) (1.10)
  20. Djen of Django
  21. Effective Django (1.5)
  22. Explore Flask – Robert Picard
  23. From Python to NumPy
  24. Full Stack Python
  25. Functional Programming in Python (email address requested, not required)
  26. Google’s Python Style Guide
  27. Googleโ€™s Python Class  (Python 3, HTML)
  28. Hacking Secret Cyphers with Python โ€“ Al Sweigart (Python 3, PDF)
  29. Hadoop with Python (email address requested, not required)
  30. Hitchhikerโ€™s Guide to Python!  โ€“ Kenneth Reitz (Python 3, PDF)
  31. How to Tango With Django (1.7)
  32. How to Think Like a Computer Scientist: Learning with Python, Interactive Edition (Python 3)
  33. How to Think Like a Computer Scientist: Learning with Python โ€“ Allen B. Downey, Jeff Elkner and Chris Meyers
  34. Intermediate Python – Muhammad Yasoob Ullah Khalid (1st edition)
  35. Introduction to Programming Using Python – Cody Jackson (Python 2.3)
  36. Introduction to Programming with Python (Python 3)
  37. Introduction to Python – Kracekumar (Python 2.7.3)
  38. Kivy Programming Guide
  39. Learning Python – Fabrizio Romano
  40. Learning to Program
  41. Learn Pandas – Hernan Rojas
  42. Learn Python, Break Python
  43. Learn Python in Y minutes
  44. ??Learn Python The Hard Way (Python 2)
  45. Lectures on scientific computing with python – J.R. Johansson (Python 2.7)
  46. Mastering Python for Data Science
  47. Math for programmers (using Python)
  48. Modeling Creativity: Case Studies in Python – Tom D. De Smedt (PDF)
  49. Natural Language Processing with Python (Python 3)
  50. Non-Programmer’s Tutorial for Python 2.6 – Wikibooks (Python 2.6)
  51. Non-Programmer’s Tutorial for Python 3 – Wikibooks (Python 3.3)
  52. Picking a Python Version: A Manifesto
  53. Porting to Python 3: An In-Depth Guide (Python 2 + 3)
  54. Practical Programming in Python – Jeffrey Elkner (PDF)
  55. Problem Solving with Algorithms and Data Structures using Python – Bradley N. Miller and David L. Ranum
  56. Program Arcade Games With Python And Pygame (Python 3)
  57. Programming Computer Vision with Python (PDF)
  58. Python 2 Official Documentation (Python 2, PDF, HTML, TEXT)
  59. Python 3 Official Documentation (Python 3, PDF, EPUB, HTML, TEXT)
  60. Python 3 Tutorial
  61. Python Bibliotheca
  62. ??? Python Cookbook – David Beazley and Brian Jones (HTML)
  63. Python Data Science Handbook – Jake VanderPlas (HTML, Jupyter Notebooks)
  64. Python for Everybody Exploring Data Using Python 3 – Charles Severance (PDF, EPUB, HTML)
  65. Python for Fun
  66. Python for Informatics: Exploring Information (Python 2)
  67. Python for you and me (Python 2)
  68. Python for you and me (Python 3)
  69. Python in Education (email address requested, not required)
  70. Python in Hydrology – Sat Kumar Tomer
  71. Python Koans (Python 2 or 3)
  72. Python Module of the Week (Python 2)
  73. Python Module of the Week (Python 3)
  74. Python Notes for Professionals – from StackOverflow docs (Python 3)
  75. Python Practice Book (Python 2)
  76. Python Practice Projects
  77. Python Programming โ€“ PDF
  78. Python Programming – Wikibooks (PDF, Python 2)
  79. Python Scientific Lecture Notes
  80. Quick Tutorial for Pyramid
  81. Scipy Lecture Notes
  82. Snake Wrangling For Kids (Python 3)
  83. Supporting Python 3: An In-Depth Guide (Python 2 + 3)
  84. Test-Driven Web Development with Python – Harry Percival (Python 3)
  85. Text Processing in Python – David Mertz (Python 2)
  86. The Definitive Guide to Jython, Python for the Java Platform – Josh Juneau, Jim Baker, Victor Ng, Leo Soto, Frank Wierzbicki (Python 2)
  87. The Django Book (1.8 & 1.11)
  88. The Flask Mega-Tutorial – Miguel Grinberg (0.9)
  89. The Little Book of Python Anti-Patterns (Source)
  90. The Programming Historian – William J. Turkel, Adam Crymble and Alan MacEachern
  91. The Python GTK+ 3 Tutorial
  92. The Standard Python Library – Fredrik Lundh
  93. Think Complexity – Allen B. Downey (PDF, HTML)
  94. ??? Think Python – Allen B. Downey (Python 2 + 3, PDF)
  95. Tiny Python 3.6 Notebook – Matt Harrison (Python 3)
  96. Tornado: Learn Web Programming
  97. Web2py: Complete Reference Manual, 6th Edition (pre-release) (Python 2)
  98. Welcome to Problem Solving with Algorithms and Data Structures โ€“ Brad Miller and David Ranum
  99. Wikibooks: Python Programming

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