Top 3 Freelance Developer Contract Templates (Free)

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Legal Contract Freelancing

This article is for you if you are either of the following:

  • You’re a freelance developer or freelancing agency and you want to offer your services to a client.
  • You’re a client and you want to take the service from a freelance developer.

If you belong to either group, you’re in the right place! 🙂

Disclaimer: Before I share the contract templates for freelance developers with you, I’m legally required to tell you that I’m not an attorney (I’m a programmer first and teacher second). So, you cannot take this as legal advice. Instead, I simply share some contract templates with you that I found useful during my own career as a freelance developer.

Yeah, I also like the color of the disclaimer background. Are you ready for the legal stuff? So, let’s get it over already!

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#1 Freelance Web Development Contract (GoogleDocs, PDF)

Based on the contract given at the source, I’ve created a Google Docs contract and a PDF that you can access here:

Freelance Web Developer Contract

This contract is 100% based on the excellent resource from Stuff & Nonsense at the following site:


This particular contract was quite useful during my career as a freelance developer earning $100 per hour and more—and I’m very grateful for the great work they’ve put into it. It’s also a contract that doesn’t shy away clients because it’s easy to read, relatable, and authentic. Love it!

#2 Freelance Developer Contract (GoogleDocs, PDF)

Again, based on the contract given at the source, I’ve created a Google Docs contract and a PDF that you can access here:

Freelance Developer Contract

You can find the full contract either on the Google Docs I created for you (click on the image!) or at the original site as given in the following link.


Do you prefer a Word template? No problem, there’s a contract template for you as well!

#3 Basic Freelance Contract Template (Word)

Do you seek more general contract templates for freelancers? Here’s a Word contract template from

Freelance Contract Template Word

What I particularly like about this template is that the underscores highlight clearly where you need to fill in the blanks. It cannot get any simpler than that!


You don’t need four contracts—one is sufficient. However, I found that there’s one resource missing of a general freelancer contract (not necessarily tailored towards freelance develoepers) that’s also available as a Google Docs. As it turns out, there’s one that fits these requirements perfectly!

#4 General Freelancing Contract (GoogleDocs)

This excellent freelancing contract is from Jyssica Schwartz—and it addresses a wide spectrum of issues. Here’s the table of contents:

Click the following image to check out the interactive contract template on GoogleDocs:

This is a comprehensive contract but it requires a bit more work for you to get started. Here’s the link to the original contract resource:


These four contract templates should be sufficient to get you started with your first few gigs. I know it can be a pain to customize a given contract template—you have to read over it at least once—but view it as a one-time investment into your business success. If you set up the contract once, it can protect you from litigation for many years to come. Get this one thing done today and make one big step progress towards your new freelancing adventure!

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Where to Go From Here?

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