Freelance Developer Job Description

The pervasive trend to freelance developing is not coming to an halt soon. Millions of coders—beginners and experts alike—flock to this new opportunity to become their own bosses, self-employed, to work on meaningful projects for clients. But what is a freelance developer anyways? This article will give you a clear job description!

Freelance Developer Job Description

Freelance Developers are self-employed business owners who sell their programming services or software products to clients.

  • Responsibilities include consulting about the application of specific programming technologies to the job at hand, creation of software specifications and documentations, creation of programming code, fixing technical error, creating websites, or processing data.
  • Requirements of successful freelancers are the amount of additional value they contribute to clients, including a convincing presentation of the return on investment of money spent by clients. The value proposition of freelance developers involve in customer service, adhere to deadlines, communicate frequently and with a positive attitude, position themselves clearly in the marketplace, and developing better business skills and programming skills in the specific areas they target. Many successful freelancers have a computer science degree—although this is not a requirement for success. In fact, an equal number of freelance developers don’t have a degree in a programming-related discipline but come from diverse background such as marketing, economics, or government employment.
  • Income: Freelance developers earn between $51 and $61 per hour on average. This translates well into the six-figure range when averaged over all freelance developers in the US. Remote freelancers outside the US can often approximate these earnings by selling their skills on the US marketplace as soon as they’ve reached average expertise in both business and programming areas.

Freelance Web Developer Job Description

A freelance web developer is a self-employed professional that is hired as an independent contractor for programming work, innovative design, website layout, and consulting. The responsibilities of a freelance web developer include building a website from start to completion, consult about the use of the best web technologies, and tweak existing website design and layout.


  • Write efficient code using state-of-the-art software development practices
  • Create website using the standard HTML/CSS practices
  • Manage databases and database servers
  • Add interactivity to a website using AJAX and other asynchronous technologies
  • Write and design specifications
  • Create and maintain software documentation
  • Provide means for scalability of the web application


  • Portfolio of existing websites
  • Skilled in HTML/CSS
  • Skilled in JavaScript
  • Skilled in related technologies such as JQuery, ASP.NET, PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails
  • Knowledgeable about basic distributed systems concepts
  • Security-affine
  • Database and back-end knowledge
  • Design skills
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) – basic skills

Income: The average freelance web developer yearly income is $75,430 according to various online sources such as GlassDoor, ZipRecruiter, and CareerKarma.

Freelance Software Developer Job Description

Freelance Developers are self-employed business owners who sell their programming services or software products to clients. Examples include testing, app creation, specification, data science, web scraping, data visualization, machine learning model creation, and many other tasks. The most successful freelance developers have a high degree of self-motivation, persistence, analytic way of thinking, problem-solving capability, and creative skills. Many but not all hold a computer science related degree.


  • Write efficient code
  • Analytical thinking and problem-solving abilities
  • Understanding and analyzing user requirements
  • Creative thinking and product design
  • Software-engineering skills such as organizing and working in teams
  • Test-based development of code
  • Communication skills and writing skills for documentations


  • Formal degree in a computer science related field
  • Years of experience in a programming environment
  • Knowledgeable of new tools and frameworks
  • Experience in using shell script and proficiency in the use of computer terminals
  • Analyze code to find bugs and inefficiencies

Income: The average freelance software developer makes $113,499 per year according to ZipRecruiter.

Where to Go From Here?

Enough theory, let’s get some practice!

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Practice projects is how you sharpen your saw in coding!

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