3 Beautiful Website Templates for Freelance Developers to Impress Your Clients [Free WordPress Themes]

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Freelance Developer

The landscape of work is changing—independent work becomes more and more important on a relative and absolute basis. Upwork and Fiverr, the biggest freelancing platforms, are growing double-digit year after year. Do you want to participate in this disruptive trend and become a successful (part-time) freelance developer?

This article shows you the best website templates to make a great first impression to clients. Make no mistake, in a highly competitive landscape like the internet, the first impression is vital for your long-term success. If you choose the right website template in a WordPress-based website, you’ve done the first right step to your freelance success. So, what are the best WordPress templates for freelance developers?


Let’s dive right into them!

Free Templates for Freelance Developers

There are plenty of free WordPress themes around—and we don’t see the need to buy a theme, or even create a custom theme for yourself. Instead, why not focus on growing your business and invest in your education—if you absolutely insist on spending money? 😉

#1 Astra

Astra is fast, fully customizable & beautiful WordPress theme suitable for blog, personal portfolio, business website and WooCommerce storefront.

#2 OceanWP

“OceanWP is the perfect theme for your project. Lightweight and highly extendable, it will enable you to create almost any type of website such a blog, portfolio, business website and WooCommerce storefront with a beautiful & professional design.”

#3 Elementor Theme

“A plain-vanilla & lightweight theme for Elementor page builder.”

If you want to create your thriving coding business online—look no further, check out one of those free WordPress plugins and build your freelancing website as soon as possible!

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Paid Templates for Freelance Developers

We also saw a few freelance developers who used a paid theme. While we don’t find this necessary, given the great free themes that exist, feel free to check out the websites of those freelance developers for inspiration!

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#1 Salient from Envato

Salient – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme.

Here’s an example—click the image to explore how the theme looks in practice:

Web Developer Portfolio of Josue Espinosa

This template costs $60 from Envato.

#2 Lounge Lizard Original Theme

Lounge Lizard Original Theme WordPress template for business.

Here’s an example—click the image to explore how the theme looks in practice:

Web Developer Portfolio of Lounge Lizard

You can find more info about this theme on this webpage.

Where to Go From Here?

Enough theory. Let’s get some practice!

Coders get paid six figures and more because they can solve problems more effectively using machine intelligence and automation.

To become more successful in coding, solve more real problems for real people. That’s how you polish the skills you really need in practice. After all, what’s the use of learning theory that nobody ever needs?

You build high-value coding skills by working on practical coding projects!

Do you want to stop learning with toy projects and focus on practical code projects that earn you money and solve real problems for people?

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