Freelance Software Development in the United States (US)

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The next disruption is about to happen in the freelancing space. Freelancing platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr grow double-digit per year.

But what if you’re living in the US? Is freelancing still a great opportunity for you—given the worldwide competition? How much can you earn in the US?

In this article, we’re going to answer these most common questions!

What’s the Hourly Rate of an US-Based Freelance Developer?

What’s the hourly rate of a freelance developer? If you’re like me, you want to peek into the potential of a given profession before you commit years of your life to any profession like freelance developing.

The average freelance developer in the US earns $56 per hour with conservative estimates ranging as low as $31 and aggressive estimates ranging as high as $82.

The following table compares the hourly rates of employed developers and freelance developers:

Job DescriptionStatusHourly Rate
Web DeveloperEmployee$31.62
PHP DeveloperEmployee$46.28
.Net DeveloperEmployee$55.06
Python DeveloperEmployee$56.90

About the Data. Our data is based on various online sources such as,, and other portals where professionals can report their earnings. We state the sources below in the image captions.

We modified the expected earnings of a freelancer by increasing the average earnings of an employed professional by 10%. This is based on the findings of this study: the average freelancer earns about 10% more than his employed counterpart. We found that in practice, the difference is often much higher than that—freelancers earning much more than employees. One of the reasons may be that freelancers have more control of their earnings—an ambitious freelancer tends to earn a higher percentage more than an ambitious employee in the same profession. This is because there are no caps in freelance earnings.

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The average hourly rate of an employed web developer is $31.62 per hour in the US. The average hourly rate of a freelance web developer is $34.78 in the US.

The average hourly rate of an employed Python developer is $56.90 per hour in the US. The average hourly rate of a freelance Python developer is $62.59 in the US.

The average hourly rate of an employed PHP developer is $46.28 per hour in the US. The average hourly rate of a freelance PHP developer is $50.90 in the US.

The average hourly rate of an employed .Net developer is $55.06 per hour in the US. The average hourly rate of a freelance .Net developer is $60.56 in the US.

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How Do You Compete with Cheap Labor Countries as an US-based Freelance Developer?

In the following video, I discuss little-known but very effective strategies to compete in a globalized economy as a US-based freelance developer.

How to Compete with Low-Wage Workers as a Freelance Developer?

How Many Freelance Software Developers Are There in the United States?

How many freelance developers are there in the US? There’s no official and precise answer. However, based on three credible sources—Upwork, Freelancer Union, McKinsey—I calculated an estimation stemming from each source.

Here are our estimations for the number of freelancers based on three independent data sources:

  • Upwork Data: 12,500,000 freelance developers in the IT sector.
  • Freelancer Union Data: 1,740,000 freelance developers in the IT sector.
  • McKinsey Data: 5,400,000 freelance developers in the IT sector.

The median of these three data points—Upwork, Freelancer Union, McKinsey—is 5,400,000 freelance developers working in an IT related field and the average is 6,560,000 freelance developers. Thus, the number of freelance developers is between 5 and 7 million.

A more in-depth explanation of these estimations is given in my detailed blog article.

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Where to Go From Here?

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You build high-value coding skills by working on practical coding projects!

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