Freelancer Expert Tip – How to Dominate Your Niche?

Expert Secret: Read More Programming Books

Experts read books. Warren Buffett is said to read 1000 pages of annual reports every day. Buffett and his partner Charlie Munger became billionaires by spending 80% of their day reading.

Buffett was once asked how to become smarter to which he responded:

πŸ“– “Read 500 pages like this every week. That’s how knowledge builds up, like compound interest.”

Knowledge compounds—a fundamental truth all experts know. If you want to get highly paid in any space (say, as a freelance developer), you’ll need to become a highly sought-after person. And how do you achieve that? By reading a lot of programming books.

I’m talking dozens of programming books per year!

Programming books provide a maximal return on invested time and dollars. Of course, you can find all the information on the web for free. But it’ll take you a lot of time searchingβ€”and what you find tends to be low-quality information.

The opportunity costs of consuming low-quality information are huge (even if they never appear on your bank statement)!

Instead of spending 20 hours reading software documentation, you could have read one book in 10 hours (or even two books in 20 hours). Not buying a book because it costs $20 is like standing in line for two hours to get a free coffee: stupid.

Good books have the highest quality of information for a low, almost meaningless price. If books are too expensive for you, this is not an excuse for not reading!

πŸ‘‰ Have a look at my list of 101++ free programming books.

Expert Secret: Read More Business Books

The habit of reading more programming books will make you a coding expert.

But as a freelance developer, you’re as much a business person as you’re a coder. You need to study business from the best.

Fortunately, many great business persons have written great business books. Each of those books will make you a better business person.

Think about it this way: if every business book you read would increase your yearly income by 2%, how many business books would you read? You’d read hundreds of business booksβ€”doubling your annual income every 35 books: Knowledge Compounds.

Action Steps

  • Every day, spend at least 30 minutes reading a programming book. Add a small pb into your calendar every day where you manage to finish your 30-minute programming book reading session. Just read any book you can lay your hands on. 
  • Every day, spend at least 30 minutes reading a business book (yes, with your 30-minute programming book reading that’s 60 minutes reading every day). 
  • Add a small bb into your calendar every day where you manage to finish your 30-minute reading session.

Where to Go From Here?

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