Get More Clients as a Freelance Developer with This One Simple Trick

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How can you easily attract clients as a freelance programmer?

You’ve mastered the first level as a freelance programmer and wonder how to make it easier to get clients? Or you’re generally interested in becoming a freelancer but you don’t know how to get clients?

Here’s a major building block of your success:

? Create your own freelancer website that converts.

Get More Clients as a Freelance Developer with This One Simple Trick

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Why Do You Need a Website as a Freelance Developer?

On the website, you explain and present your services. You show the clients how you can improve their business. And you create trust and position yourself as capable of finishing the tasks for your clients.

Recently, I read the book “Yes! 50 Secrets from the Science of Persuasion” written by psychological scientists who research what persuades people to do certain things (e.g. buying your freelancing service).

If you are a freelance developer, you also have to convince people to buy your services. Basically, your services are the product for which you have to persuade people to buy.

The first and extremely powerful secret from the book is proven again and again by psychological researchers. It has the power to persuade more people to buy your product (or convert otherwise). By the way, the book is a recommended read!

The “Secret” is Social Proof.

It’s so simple but yet so profound. And if you look at freelancer websites, you’ll often miss this powerful element.

In the book, they give an example of a call to action in a sales situation where they added an element of social proof to the call to action. For example, a successful campaign had an automatic phone message: “if all lines are taken, please try again” which creates the picture in your mind that a lot of people use to call to order the product. Suddenly, sales skyrocketed because people realized that other people are buying this product right now.

In my Python freelancer course, you’ll also find more detailed information on how to create a great Python freelancer sales page that converts. This activity of creating, tweaking, and optimizing your sales page can easily be the single most profitable activity you can do as a freelance developer.

Doubling conversion rate on the sales page can easily be achieved with a few psychological tricks — and it may be the difference between a struggling and thriving freelance business.

Why You Need Testimonials on Your Website

On the sales page, you need social proof elements to create trust. These can be testimonials from previous clients. A good testimonial contains:

  • the full name of the customer,
  • a picture (or video), and
  • a job description or position so that people can identify with your client.

? It’s critical that you keep collecting testimonials from former clients. NEVER let a freelancer client go without actively asking for a testimonial — in written form or, even better, as a video. This is not optional if you don’t want to struggle for years. Collecting testimonials and putting them front and center will make your freelancing business much easier.

You need this — or you’ll fight an uphill battle all the time. It’s one of the most important pieces of advice I can give you.


Set up your own simple sales page as a freelance developer—and do it today! You can check out some examples here and here. Add a call to action with social proof elements (e.g. testimonials, but also indicators that people actually buy your services). For example, you can create scarcity and social proof at the same time by telling the clients that you cannot serve all requests because of your full schedule.

If you want to learn more about how to set up a sales page and become a Python freelance developer, check out my course “Reach Python Freelance Level in Your Coffee Breaks”.