Getting Started – You Only Need This One Meta GPT That Helps You Find the Best GPT Among 1000s

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OpenAI’s decision to open up the creation of custom GPTs may be one of the smartest and most consequential business moves in the last decades. Possibly similar in magnitude to Apple’s decision to open the app store for developers!

Innovative prompt engineers have already created thousands of custom GPTs that integrate with various custom data sets and capabilities (=actions).

⚑ If we could only find them!

βœ… Solution: Fortunately, I just discovered that a prompt engineer has created a Meta GPT that searches all published GPTs and suggests a list of GPTs that help you with your specific intelligence need. Exactly what I needed!

Here’s an example:

Now you can click on any of the suggested GPTs and try them out!

For example, if I click on the last bullet, the Decision-Maker Bot, I’ll get the following GPT:

Now I can use it with my decision making:

Let’s try out GPT again on a more specific problem: finding a great travel destination!

It suggests a few travel GPTs:

I could iterate on the list using follow-up prompts or just try any of the suggested GPTs. Let’s try the first one TRAVEL:

Asking it for a romantic getaway:

You get the idea:

  • Start with the Meta GPT to find specific GPTs tailored to your specific needs.
  • Then use the specific GPT to solve the problem.

At least for a few months, this will be my go-to strategy for navigating the 22k+ custom GPTs already published by prompt engineers worldwide.

If you want to keep learning prompt engineering, check out this course that’s more for open-source warriors and cypherpunks who want to create their own privacy-sensitive “GPTs” on Meta’s Llama 2 foundational model: πŸ‘‡

Prompt Engineering with Llama 2

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