15 Highly Profitable Freelancing Niches Developers Miss Out On [Video Collection]

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In this guide, I’ve compiled the top 7 freelancing niches I found highly profitable based on my experience working as a business owner and freelancer myself, hiring hundreds of freelance developers for my company, and teaching thousands of freelancing students through our books and courses.

Each niche is presented with a video where I show you how to make money in this particular niche. This guide is not meant to be watched from the first to the last video.

Instead, feel free to check out the table of contents and choose the niche video that interests you most:

Niche 1: Dashboard Apps

$30 to $185 per Hour Creating Dashboard Apps on Upwork

Niche 2: Tableau

$100/h+ Tableau Freelancers on Upwork

Tableau Revisited – Data Viz Gigs That Pay $400

Niche 3 – Streamlit

Bar Charts — Learning Streamlit with Bar Charts

Niche 4 – Cryptolancer

A Quick Cryptolancer Market Overview on Upwork

This Crypto Gig on Upwork Shows How to Scale as a Freelance Coder

Niche 5 – Financial Python

Financial Python Coders: $70 to $125 per Hour on Upwork

$400/day as a trading bot developer on Upwork

Niche 6 – Solidity and Smart Contracts

10 Solidity Freelancers Making $60/h on Upwork

Smart Contract Developers Make $120,000 per Year on Upwork

This Niche Continues to Make $100/h for Freelance Devs on Upwork

Niche 7 – General Python

$70/h as a Python Coder on Upwork

10 Python Freelancers on Upwork Making $60/h and More … to Len

Niche 8 – Data Science

Simple Data Science Freelancer on Upwork ($60/h)

Becoming a NumPy & Pandas Data Science Freelancer on Upwork

When to Start Freelancing? $5/hr to $250/hr as a DATA SCIENTIST on Upwork

$85 per Hour as an Upwork Data Scientist to Crunch Customer Data

Niche 9 – Spark and Graph Analytics

Freelance Apache Spark Developer

Niche – GraphX (Spark) Freelancer on Upwork

Neo4j and GraphDB freelance coders make $65/h on Upwork

Niche 10 – Writing Technical and Crypto Content

WWW: Writing Web3 Whitepapers as a Cryptolancer

Upwork for Introverts – Writing Crypto Whitepapers for $100+ per Hour

Niche 11 – Machine Learning

$70/h as a TensorFlow Deep Learning Engineer on Upwork

Are TensorFlow and OpenCV still Six-Figure Opportunities on Upwork?

From Keras to $65/h+ on Upwork

Niche 12 – Web3

The Web3 Transformation on Upwork

Niche 13 – Web Developer

Monetizing Your JavaScript Skills for $80/h on Upwork as a Top-Rated Freelance Developer

$120/h on Upwork as a Backend Web Developer

Niche 14 – Creating Decentralized Apps (dApps)

Can dApp Developer make $100/h on Upwork?

Niche 15 – Web Scraping

How Rüdiger Makes $157/h as a Web Scraping Expert on Upwork!

$200/h Web Scraping LinkedIn as a Pro [Upwork Gig]

Where to Go From Here?

Enough theory. Let’s get some practice!

Coders get paid six figures and more because they can solve problems more effectively using machine intelligence and automation.

To become more successful in coding, solve more real problems for real people. That’s how you polish the skills you really need in practice. After all, what’s the use of learning theory that nobody ever needs?

You build high-value coding skills by working on practical coding projects!

Do you want to stop learning with toy projects and focus on practical code projects that earn you money and solve real problems for people?

🚀 If your answer is YES!, consider becoming a Python freelance developer! It’s the best way of approaching the task of improving your Python skills—even if you are a complete beginner.

If you just want to learn about the freelancing opportunity, feel free to watch my free webinar “How to Build Your High-Income Skill Python” and learn how I grew my coding business online and how you can, too—from the comfort of your own home.

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