Don’t Think in Terms of Resumes as a Coder — Do This Instead!

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The world of programming is different than other professions because it’s a practical, hands-on profession. Coders who get results and can showcase practical projects that solve real problems will always win in this marketplace.

Don't Think in Terms of Resumes as a Coder -- Do This Instead!

You don’t need a degree. Say, you just solved one Upwork project after another. You have a lot of good testimonials and 5-star reviews. In this case, you’ll be hired by clients. They don’t care that you have no degree. They only care about the social proof showing that you can get results.

With such a practical resume of the projects you solved for other clients, you can easily earn six figures online. If you are interested in this perspective, then check out my free webinar about the state-of-the-art of the Python freelancing space.

By solving practical projects (in your 70% time), you’ll acquire a lot of these projects over the years and you’ll never be without work (and money ;). This is the best kind of resume you can get in the programming space. Everything else is only a small add-on, nothing more.

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